Half Day


with Lunch and Recess (Toddler/1st year Casa only)

(hot lunch fees not included)

Full Day


8:30am - 3:30pm (Toddler/Casa)
8:30am-3:45pm (Elementary)


All field trip, expedition, camping trip, elementary, specialty activities, and daily snack costs are included in the tuition amount.

There is a one-time enrolment fee of $1250 for each child, upon initial enrolment, that supports capital costs.

  • Quarterly Payments: Tuition is paid in 4 equal instalments. All post-dated cheques are due March it 2019 and are to be dated; March I, 2019, September I, 2019t November 1, 2019, and January 1, 2020.

  • Single Payment: 3% discount if paid in full by cheque on or before March 2019.

Under special circumstances, monthly payment plans are available.

Please contact Skye at accounts@dvms.ca for all tuition questions.

Please make all cheques payable to "DVMS."

Hot Lunch Program

Participation in the hot lunch program is required by the Ministry of Education for all children in the Toddler Community and the first year of the Casa program. There is an additional fee associated with the lunch program. Hot lunch enrollment occurs in August.

Educational Excursion

There is an additional fee for the annual sixth-year Upper Elementary educational excursion (Montessori Model United Nations or similar programs).

There is no refund or reduction in tuition or fees in case of withdrawal, dismissal, absence, cancellation, or non-attendance.

Full Payment Upon Enrolment : 10% discount for 1st sibling | 15% discount for 2nd sibling | 3% discount if paid in full by March 1st, 2019