Here are some aspects of the Montessori classroom you may wish to watch for:

  • Observe the children’s response to the total classroom: people, materials, etc.

  • Notice how they initiate activities (independence).

  • Note which activities are initiated by the child and which ones by the guide.

  • Note the ability to concentrate and to be absorbed, how it varies from child to child, and how certain activities serve to focus their attention on an isolated stimulus.

  • Notice how some children, even when distracted, return easily to their work.

  • Watch the number of small groups and/or individual activities.

  • Watch the interaction between the children. Is there teamwork, courtesy, etc.?

  • Notice how the guide presents lessons and how some children may react differently to the same presentation.

Please note your questions and discoveries. You will be offered an opportunity to discuss them in our parent/teacher meetings.

Enjoy your observation.

Book a Tour

You are welcome to book a tour and observation via the form below. Coming into the school for a tour and observation is the first step in the enrollment process or to determine if you want to be placed on a wait list.

Tours and observations take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting at 9:30 a.m., and last for approximately 30 mins. 

In order for you to receive the best experience, we recommend that you arrange child-care for your younger child/children (babes-in-arms are fine). Montessori environments and materials are intentionally very attractive to children and innate desire to engage with the materials and environment can be disruptive to your tour, and to the children working in the environment. Thank you for understanding.