DVMS has a number of facilities available for rental. There is a required $250 cleaning deposit in addition to the facility rental fees. Rental fees are as follows (HST extra):


  • Commercial Rate: $40/hr

  • Community/Non-Profit Rate: $25/hr


  • Commercial Rate: $ 25/hr/classroom

  • Community/Non-Profit Rate: $ 15/hr/classroom

Soccer Field/Grounds

  • Commercial Rate: $ 50/hr

  • Community/Non-Profit Rate: $ 35/hr

Please complete the DVMS Facility Rental Application form below :

To confirm and finalize your DVMS facility rental, you will be required to come to DVMS to sign hard copies of your “FACILITY RENTAL AGREEMENT” and the “CONDITIONS FOR FACILITY RENTAL” document. Please read the following two items from the “CONDITIONS FOR FACILITY RENTAL” document before proceeding to the application form:

As per items 4 and 7 in the “CONDITIONS FOR FACILITY RENTAL” form, which read as follows:

4. “The Renter” agrees to pay “the School” a one-time Cleaning Deposit of $250. All Dundas Valley Montessori School facililties — those being rented as well as other areas of the school and its grounds — must be left in a “no trace” condition at the completion of your event (either One-Time Event or after each occurrence of an Ongoing Event); “no trace” condition means that we must find no trace or evidence of your presence or of your event. The Cleaning Deposit will not be refunded if the facilties being rented, or other areas of the school and it’s grounds, are NOT left in a “no trace” condition and Dundas Valley Montessori School is required to bring in its own cleaning staff.

7. “The School” accepts no liability, and “the Renter” agrees to save “the School,” its Employees, and Owners harmless from any claims or costs or any damages claimed by “the Renter” or any of its attendees which may arise as a result of any accident which may occur during “the Renter’s” use of the facility, both in and around the facilities. “The Renter” covenants and agrees to adequately insure itself in this regard.

All renters of DVMS facilities must provide evidence of sufficient insurance coverage.

Facility rentals are subject to availability.