Events and Info at DVMS | Jan. 7-11, 2019

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  • Lower karate
  • Upper curling
  • Upper basketball


Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

We would like to welcome you all back and hope you had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.  We are excited for what 2019 has to offer you and your children.  

Elementary Activities

Lower Elementary
  • Lower Elementary students will be participating in Karate this month.  Students are asked to come prepared with clothing that is appropriate for movement and proper shoes.  

Upper Elementary
  • Upper Elementary students will be participating in curling this month at the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club.  Students are required to bring with them, clean indoor shoes.  Soles must be free of any dirt or grit as it will damage the ice surface.  Students will be bused to the club for 1:30 and we are asking parents to please pick up at the club at 3:30.  If you are unable to pick your child up, please arrange with a friend.  This is always a fun activity!

  • Upper Boys Basketball Team: Practices will continue this week on Tuesday morning at 7:30.   A reminder that we have our first game on Thursday, January 10th at St Lawrence school.  The game is at 4:30pm.  We are asking for parents to help drive to the game.  Come on out and support the boys!

Information and Reminders

  • Winter wear: Please ensure you send warm outdoor clothing, boots, snow pants, etc. It looks like it may rain on our first day back so please send in rain gear as well (esp. muddy buddies) as always, we try to get outside if possible.


  • Indoor Shoes and Clothes: As the seasons change, please remember to send in the appropriate indoor clothing for the weather and also the correct size.  It is also a good time to check the sizing of your child's indoor shoes to make sure they are not too small.  You are welcome to pop into your child's classroom after school to do so.


  • Morning Drop Off: Just a reminder that there will be some tears on Monday (could be tears of sadness or joy depending on whether you are the child or the parent).  Two weeks holiday is a long time for some of the little ones and getting back into a routine will take some time.  The best course of action is to give a quick goodbye at the door and reassure them you will see them soon.    Also, remember that there is no left turn out of our parking lot during drop off and pick up.
We look forward to seeing you all on Monday!