Events and Info at DVMS | Sept. 24-28, 2018

Photo 2018-09-20, 9 17 54 AMThis week:

  • Photo Days
  • Reminders
  • Strata Café is back
  • Parent Dinner
  • Sick kids
  • Photos!

Important Events to Start the Year

  • Monday, October 1, and Tuesday, October 2: School Photo Days. Photos will once again be taken by the wonderful Lindsay Palmer, one of your fellow Montessori Moms. We will be taking individual and sibling photos. As you can imagine, this is a very busy couple of days requiring a significant amount of planning and coordination. We will stick to the following schedule as best we can so that you know when to dress 'em up and wash the jam off:
    • Monday, Oct. 1:
      • First thing in the morning we will take photos of Toddler children and their Casa and/or Elementary siblings, and the Toddler class photo. Siblings of Toddlers will also have their individual photos taken at that time.
      • All Casa class photos will also be taken in the morning.
      • Over the rest of the day, we will be taking photos of the Casa children and their Elementary siblings. Siblings of Casa children will also have their individual photos taken at that time. 
      • As an example for this day, if you have a child in Casa and a child in Upper Elementary, they will both have their photos taken on Monday.
    •  Tuesday, Oct. 2:
      • We will begin with Lower Elementary South class, sibling, and individual photos.
      • Over the rest of the day, we will conclude all Elementary-level class, sibling, and individual photos, as well as any others that were missed.

In a few minutes you'll read about keeping children away from school when they're sick, but if your child is just a little bit sick and could handle being present for the class photo, even if you want to pick them up after, that's just fine for photo days.

  • ARRIVAL AND PICK UP REMINDERS: Please try your best to have the children at school by 8:30am.  8:30am-8:45am is a grace period.  After 8:45am, the are considered late.  Consequently, if at all possible please have the children remain until dismissal.  Each child has responsibilities at the end of the day to help maintain their environment and leaving early places that responsibly on another student.  If you need to pick your child up quickly at dismissal, please ask them to wait for you at the gate instead of playing in the yard.

  • Friday October 5 is a PD DAY!  Enjoy your long weekend.  Gobble gobble.

  • Monday September 24, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.: Lower Elementary South New Student Parent-Teacher Interviews. Please sign up for your 10 minute time slot online.

Parents of new Lower Elementary South (Noeleen and Joanna) students (both new, first-year Lower Elementary children and new-to-DVMS Lower Elementary children) are asked to attend a 10-minute introductory meeting with their Montessori guides on Monday September 24. Class lists were emailed on August 16 if you are unsure of which Montessori environment your child is in. 

  • Wednesday September 26, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.: Lower Elementary North New Student Parent-Teacher Interviews. Please sign up online.

Parents of new Lower Elementary North (Jodi and Christine) students (both new, first-year Lower Elementary children and new-to-DVMS Lower Elementary children) are asked to attend a 10-minute introductory meeting with their Montessori guides on Wednesday September 26.   Class lists were emailed on August 16 if you are unsure of which Montessori environment your child is in. 

Elementary Activities

Elementary students have some exciting outings coming up:

  • On Thursday, October 4, Upper Elementary students will be heading out on our rafting trip.  More information can be found in next weeks newsletter.
  • On Wednesday, October 10,  both Lower and Upper Elementary students will be travelling by school bus to LaSalle park in Burlington to take part in a cross-country running event with a number of other Montessori schools. We'll have more details for you next week.

Lower Elementary
  • Friday, Sept. 28:   Lower elementary students will continue with soccer this week.  They will take a bus to the Ancaster Sports Centre for 1:00 and return for dismissal.  Please ensure students have appropriate footwear and a water bottle.
  • Swimming for Lower Elementary North will begin MONDAY OCTOBER 1ST.  Following the first day of swimming Lower Elementary North will be swimming on Monday, October 15 and Monday October 22.  
  • Swimming for Lower Elementary South will begin FRIDAY OCTOBER 12TH.  Following the first day of swimming, Lower Elementary South will be swimming on Friday, October 19 and Friday, October26.

Upper Elementary
  • Friday, Sept. 28:  Upper Elementary students will be spending the day working on their canoeing skills and outdoor education with Colin.  We will be traveling to Cootes Paradise for the day.  Students are to be dropped off at Princess Point (at the bottom of Longwood and MacKlin) between 8:30 and 9:00.  Pick up is at the same location at 3:00.  If you are unable to drive or pickup, please make arrangements with a friend.    All students will require a packed picnic litterless lunch and weather appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.
  • Starting October 13, Upper Elementary students will be participating in Parkour.  Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing and shoes for this activity.


Information and Reminders

  • Elementary Cross Country: Our first Cross Country Event will be coming up on October 10th.  Children will depart by bus to LaSalle Park in Burlington and be bussed back in time for dismissal.  More details to come.
  • Strata Montessori Friday Café:  Strata Cafe will start up again on Friday September 28. Every Friday morning, the fine folks at Strata Montessori Adolescent School host a wonderful café as part of their student micro-economy ventures. It is a lovely time in a beautiful place with great people.

  • Parent Dinner: Save the date! Our annual Parent Dinner is coming up on Friday October 26th. Details to follow!

  • Sick Kids: Kids aren't the only ones who head back to school; they also bring their germ friends with them, and the germs are definitely something they love to share. The first round this year seems to be a cold that starts with a sore throat. In most cases it has been a couple/few days of sniffles, but a few cases have developed into a more serious cough. Wash, wash, wash those hands! School-wide lice checks were also completed last week and you will have been contacted if there is cause for concern. (Here's a great head lice resource we were made aware of this week: Bug Busters Clinics).

If children do become ill, there are a number of public health protocols we all must follow, depending on the specific illness, to prevent further spread. Please visit the "Children, Illness, and Absence from School" page, under the "Parents" tab, at for information on which illnesses require absence from school and for how long.

Fun Family Events

  • 5th Annual Hamilton Walk for Down Syndrome: Sunday, September 30 1, 8:30 – 12:00, Bayfront Park, 200 Harbour Front Drive, Hamilton. This event is near and dear to us as one of your fellow Montessori Moms is the chair of the Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton and her son Owen is a student at DVMS. We encourage you to participate in the walk.  You can support team Owen by clicking right here: