Events and Info at DVMS | Sept. 9-13, 2019

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In the Montessori community, we pride ourselves on being, and are widely considered to be, leaders in high fidelity Montessori education.  Like most that strive for excellence, we are less interested in what we are doing well, but instead, constantly asking what could we do better. So over the last six years we implemented: more meaningful learning resource, better parent partnerships, true French immersion for our younger students,  a focus on great work for our elementary students, and literally hundreds of smaller initiatives. Watching the incredible sense of calm and purpose in all of our classes, it feels like all of our thoughts, conversations, observations,  - indeed all of our efforts - have been rewarded.  As always thanks to all the parents and families for their faith and support.

Important dates to note:

  • Lower adventure running

  • Upper adventures

  • Dismissal reminder

  • Parking Lot

  • Boomerang lunch update and thank you

  • Lower Elementary reading folders

  • Music lessons

  • Hot Lunch menu

  • Photos!

Important Events to Start the Year

  • Tuesday, Sept. 10, 4:00 p.m.: Lower Elementary Parent Orientation

    • This orientation session is open to all Lower Elementary parents. You are strongly encouraged to attend to chat with the guides and go over some of the routines and expectations for the year.

  • September 11, 12, and 13, 4:00 – 6:30p.m.: New Casa Children Parent-Teacher Interviews.

    • Casa North: September 11

    • Casa South: September 12

    • Casa East: September 13

Parents of children that are new to the DVMS Casa program, either as first-year students or as new-to-DVMS second- or third-year Casa students, are asked to sign up for a brief introductory meeting with your child’s Montessori guides. Class lists were emailed on if you are unsure of which Montessori environment your child is in.

  • Saturday, September 14, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.: Welcome Back to School Picnic at DVMS

This is a fun picnic day on the playground to welcome everyone back to school and give you time to renew old acquaintances and meet some of the other wonderful families who have chosen an authentic Montessori education for their children. Bring a picnic lunch, chairs and/or blankets, and post up under the trees for food, fun, and friends. This event is weather dependent so if it is raining, it will be canceled.  An email will go out the morning of to let you know if this is the case.

  • Monday September 30th, , and Tuesday, October 1 : School Photo Days. More details will come regarding which day to polish them up. Photos will once again be taken by the wonderful Lindsay Palmer , one of your fellow Montessori Moms.

Elementary Activities

Lower Elementary

  • Friday, Sept. 13-Adventure Running: Lower Elementary students will be participating in Adventure Running with “Don’t Get Lost” Students will need dress appropriately for the weather with proper running shoes.

Upper Elementary

  • Friday, Sept. 13-Strata Montessori School: "Story of Life." Your Upper Elementary student will be spending the full day in the ponds, waterfalls, forests, and trails around Strata. Please drop students off at Strata Montessori Adolescent School by 9:00 a.m. Pick up will be from 3:00 - 3:15 p.m., also at Strata. Please find a friend if you are unable to pick up at the designated time. All students will require a packed litterless lunch and weather appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.


The DVMS Montessori Parent - Infant class serves as an introduction to parenting through the lens of Montessori philosophy. It is open to all parents, not just those with children already enrolled in DVMS. In a beautifully prepared space for children ages 2 months to 14 months children are able to explore activities with the guidance of a trained Assistant to Infancy.  Parents will learn how to watch and support development milestones and engage with their children using materials provided in the space. 

This course includes a weekly one and a half hour morning session for you and your baby as well as two parent education evenings. Printed parenting resource materials as well as book, furniture and toy suggestions will be available at each session.

Learning topics include:

  •  Montessori Philosophy

  • Designing a Child - Friendly Home

  • Aiding Independence

  • Weaning

  • Toileting

  • Healthy Sleep Habits

  • Language Development

  • Physical Development

  • Positive Discipline

  • Socialization

Our first session will run for 8 weeks beginning Thursday October 3 from 9am until 10:30am. Space is limited to 10 children and their caregiver. Please click this link to register.

Information and Reminders

  • Arrival

We kindly ask all students to arrive at 8:30am sharp every day. The Montessori day consists of 3-hour work cycles. The purpose in having long, uninterrupted blocks of work time is to allow students to select work freely and become absorbed in work that has a particular fascination for them at each point in their development. Interruptions, no matter how valuable the alternative activity might seem to be, disturb the children's focus, concentration, and intellectual exploration. Late arrivals also disrupt the other children in the class and make settling in difficult for your child.

  • Dismissal

We understand that parents lead busy lives and sometimes an early pick up is necessary. We do ask that on a regular basis you pick up at the appropriate time for your child's level. (3:30pm for Toddler and Casa and 3:45 for Elementary.  Parents with children in both Casa and Elementary can arrive at the 3:45 time) Both Casa and Elementary children have responsibilities that happen at the end of the day and contribute to their community.  Leaving school early disrupt this process.  The elementary children also have gym and “going out activities” that go until 3:45pm.

It is important that we account for each child's dismissal. Please ensure that your child says goodbye and shakes the hand of the staff member with the binder by the main entrance. This ensures that each child's dismissal is noted on the attendance sheet. If someone other than the primary caregiver or contact is picking up your child, please let us know by email. Our staff may request to see photo ID for alternate persons picking up students. We do encourage an active social time after school, however, due to the number of students, parents, and siblings in the playground it can become chaotic, so we ask that you supervise your child once you have arrived and ensure that if your child becomes disorderly, you quickly take them home.

  • Parking & Drop off

As you are well aware, our parking lot can pose a few challenges regarding drop off and pick up. We ask that all parents of elementary aged children drop their children off near the bottom of the driveway and allow them to walk up the path and into the school on their own. This not only leaves parking spaces open for those with young children but also gives your elementary child the independence they need.

Parking along the walkway fence is not permitted as this is a fire route. It also produces a bottleneck at the bottom of the driveway, which is a hazard.

Please refrain from turning LEFT out of our parking lot between the hours of 8:15am-9:15am and 3:15pm-4:15pm. We have had a few near misses with cars coming at each other head on while leaving the lot.  Turning right when you exit the lot will alleviate this problem.  Also, be mindful of the traffic and parking lot when you park on the street.  Parking on the curve right at the bottom of the driveway makes it difficult for cars to maneuver on the road.

  • Boomerang Lunch:

We will be continuing boomerang lunches. This means everything that comes in the lunch bag goes home in the lunch bag. We noticed a significant reduction in the amount of waste generated at the school last year. This also allows you to get a better idea of what is being eaten and what is not being eaten. Please remember to send any required cutlery (and if you notice some strange new cutlery coming home, please send it back).

Families with younger children, please have them practice opening/closing and packing/unpacking their lunch bags and containers to ensure they can do so independently at school.

At DVMS, we encourage healthy eating because, well, it's good for you, and because a well-fed mind is a good learning mind. We ask that, as much as possible, you try to avoid processed, sugary foods, and do not include sweet treats such as pop or candy in children's lunches.

Thank you, DVMS families, for your easy adoption and cooperation with helping to make lunches more healthy and eco-friendly.

Elementary-level families, please send a labeled water bottle that will remain at DVMS for the school year and that can be regularly sanitized in our very high heat dishwasher.Lower Elementary children are also asked to include a cloth napkin in their lunch each day (hot lunch kids too).Here is a link to an article about boomerang lunches that also links to some other great lunch resources.

  • Lower Elementary Reading Folders:

Lower Elementary children each have a labeled reading folder in which they keep the book(s) they are currently reading. The folders come home (almost) every day so that they can read independently or with you at home in the evenings. Please gently prompt them to remember to bring it back to school each day. We will remind them that, "No, mom or dad did not forget your reading folder." Thank you.

  • Math Tutoring Outside of School Hours: Kathleen will be offering one on one math tutoring from 4:00-5:00 Monday to Friday for year one to year six students. This is a first come first serve basis. Please contact her for information and rates if you are interested.

  • Music Lessons:

One of your fellow Montessori Moms has been offering music lessons, after school at DVMS, for the last few years and will do so again this year on Tuesdays and Wednesday 3:30-5:00pm

Come learn with me! Gosia McCarroll is thrilled to be back at DVMS for another exciting year of music.I will be offering violin classes for children as young as 4, and piano as young as 6 and up, including but not limited to preparation for the Royal Conservatory of Music. Gosia, a music educator for many years is certified in classical and Suzuki based methods. She holds a Masters degree in Music Education from the Academy of Music in Krakow, Poland, and is on faculty with the Instrument for Every Child program in Hamilton. Being a Montessori mom for many years, and inspired by the community, Gosia recently completed the Association Montessori Internationale Children’s House Assistants Course in Toronto.For more information please contact Gosia directly at or call 905.320.1342

Fun Family Events

Put on your walking shoes, fill your water bottles, and hit the ATM. It's a busy Hamilton weekend. Plus, some upcoming events to plan for.

  • Christie Antique & Vintage Show: Saturday, September 7, 8:00 - 5:00, at Christie Lake Conservation Area, 1000 Hwy 5 W, Hamilton ON. Children 12 and under free. Click here for info. (Even if you're not shopping, kids love old things).

Hundreds of Canada’s top antique and vintage dealers display and sell an unparalleled variety of treasures. With 10 acres of items waiting to be discovered, there are pieces to please both the novice and the most experienced collector. Furniture, architectural antiques, stoneware, Native artifacts, folk art, rugs, jewelry, sports memorabilia, scientific instruments, textiles, cut glass and more! If you can imagine it, you can find it in one of the 1,200 collecting categories featured at the show!

  • 29th Annual Wiggle Waggle Walk: Sunday, September 8, 10:00 - 2:00, Bayfront Park, 200 Harbour Front Drive, Hamilton. Click here for details.

Bring your dog and join us for a day of fun in the sun at the 29th annual Wiggle Waggle Walk. 100% of the proceeds will benefit homeless and neglected animals. Register today at

Show and sale of original art works. 41 artists on site. Paintings, pottery, woodwork, jewellery,garden art, glass work, metal work, fabric arts, art cards etc. Free admission and parking.

Run Day Details

Registration: 8:00 am

Kids' Fun Run: 9:00 am

One Start: 9:15 am

Location: Dundas Driving Park - Parkview Row

Parking is available

What to bring: water bottle for refilling water

Kids corner, face painting, snacks and water stations will be providedRoute Information

Bicycle, Stroller, and Wheelchair accessible.

Route distance: 1 km - Kids Run; 5 km - Adult Run.


Here you go Montessori Moms and Dads, a glimpse into the DVMS Montessori environments to see what your wonderful kids got up to this week.