Events and Info at DVMS | May 28-June 1, 2018

This week:

  • Yearbook Order Deadline
  • Lower Hiking
  • Lower Friday Soccer
  • Upper Biking
  • Upper Friday Tennis
  • Grandparents' Day Photos
  • Lower Camp Out Info
  • Strata Art Show Cafe
  • Tick Precautions
  • Summer Casa Camp
  • DVSA June Camp
  • Casa 1st and 2nd Year Interviews
  • Movie Night
  • Awe & Wonder
  • Ancaster Mill Race
  • DVMS Dancers
  • Photos!
  • Don't forget to check the DVMS calendar to stay up to date.

2017-18 DVMS Yearbook

Order Deadline:

EPSON MFP imageFriday, June 1, is the deadline to order yearbooks to have them arrive during the last week of school (for signatures, and to have them before the fall). You can still place orders after June 1, but they will not arrive before the end of the school year and can be picked up in September.The 2017-18 DVMS Yearbook is availalble for pre-purchase -- a beautiful 80-page hardcover book. Click here to pre-order now for $45 online.Not only will you receive a handsome keepsake, but you'll also have access to the Digital Addition which features extended photos, videos, and music that you can play back on the computing device of your choice.Ordering only takes a minute, and the books will arrive during the last week of school for signing.

Elementary Activities

  • Lower Elementary Phys. Ed. Hiking Again This Week:

Lower Elementary children will be taking advantage of the nice weather and will be hiking on local urban trails during their regularly scheduled phys. ed. class time this coming week (May 28-June 1).

  • Lower South (Noeleen/Christine) will be hiking on Tuesday afternoon, May 29.
  • Lower North (Jodi/Kathleen) will be hiking on Thursday afternoon, May 31.

Please help your Lower child remember to a bring water bottle, weather appropriate clothing, and hike-y footwear.If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Colin through

  • Lower Elementary Friday Soccer: 

Lower Elementary kids finish soccer on Friday, June 1. That is the end of their supplemental physical education activities for the year.Please help them remember to bring or wear appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor soccer on Friday afternoon, and to bring a water bottle if they do not have one at school.

  • Upper Elementary Phys. Ed. Biking Again This Week:

Upper Elementary children will also be taking advantage of the nice weather and will be biking on local urban and conservation area trails during their regularly scheduled phys. ed. class time this coming week (May 28- June1).

  • Upper East (Terrence/Catherine) will be biking on Monday afternoon, May 28.
  • Upper West (Kathleen/Michael) will be biking on Wednesday afternoon, May 30.

Please help your Upper child remember to bring their bicycle, a properly fitted CSA-approved helmet, their water bottle if it’s not already at school, and weather appropriate clothing. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Colin through

  • Upper Elementary Friday Tennis: 

Upper Elementary students continue tennis at the Dundas Tennis Club, located in Dundas’s Driving Park, on Friday, June 1 and 8. If your child has a tennis racket, please have them bring it; if not, DVMS will supply rackets. Tennis-playin’-appropriate clothing and shoes, and their water bottles, are also required.

  • Upper Elementary West (Kathleen/Michael) will play tennis on Friday mornings. Please drop your Upper West child off at Driving Park between 8:30-9:00 on tennis days. They will walk back to DVMS for lunch.
  • Upper Elementary East (Terrence/Catherine) will play tennis on Friday afternoons. They will have an early lunch and walk to Driving Park for 1:00. If you would like to pick your child up from Driving Park, please be there no later than 3:15. Terrence or Catherine will depart Driving Park at 3:15 with the remaining students to walk back to DVMS for dismissal at 3:45.


  • A number of Upper Elementary children enjoy riding their bikes to and from tennis. Children that choose to do so, with your approval and consent, travel in an unsupervised group. If your child would like to bike ride, please email us at to indicate your consent.
  • Some children are also given permission to dismiss themselves from Driving Park in order to walk home. If you would like your child to walk home from the park, please indicate your consent for them to do so via email to

Information and Reminders

  • Grandparents' Day Photos:

We tried to get a photo of each visit, so they're not all the best pics, and I might have missed a few. Just like the regular photos, let us know if you would like the full version of any of the photos. (If you hover your cursor over the photo you should see a file number).[gallery size="large" type="slideshow" ids="23783,23784,23785,23786,23787,23788,23789,23790,23791,23792,23793,23794,23795,23796,23797,23798,23799,23800,23801,23802,23803,23804,23805,23806,23807,23808,23809,23810,23811,23812,23813,23814,23815,23816,23817,23818,23819,23820,23821,23822,23823,23824,23825,23826,23827,23828,23829,23830,23831,23832,23833,23834,23835,23836,23837,23838,23839,23840,23841,23842,23843,23844,23845,23846,23847,23848,23849,23850,23851,23852,23853,23854,23855,23856,23857,23858,23859,23860,23861,23862,23863,23864,23865,23866,23867,23868,23869"]

  • Lower Camp Out Packing List and Form:

Two pieces of paper will be coming home with your Lower Elementary child today (Friday, May 25) -- a packing list and an information form (due Wednesday, May 30). They will be at Camp Nokomis June 7-8.

  • Strata Art Show Cafe:

  • Tick Precautions:

As you may know, Hamilton is a newly identified risk area for ticks and Lyme disease. At DVMS, we have taken precautions regarding ticks: we have cut all of the tall grass on the playground, and we also haven’t seen any deer scat this year, which is essential to their development.Click here to view the Hamilton Public Health "Lyme Disease & Ticks" webpage for more information. Also, one of your fellow Montessori Moms sent along this helpful CBC article.

  • Summer Casa Camp:

Registration for DVMS Casa Summer Camp is now available.DVMS Casa Summer Camp is held on the grounds of Dundas Valley Montessori School. Staffed by DVMS Montessori trained staff and using our beautiful playground, gym, and multi-purpose room, each week will follow a theme with games, crafts, activities, and community outings. On Fridays we will have a barbecue lunch to end a week of fun and adventure. Our Summer Camp welcomes DVMS students and other children ages 4-6 (or have completed their first year of Casa as DVMS), meeting their developmental needs in a safe, nurturing environment.

  • DVSA Camp for Last Week of June:

Dundas Valley School of Art (DVSA) will once again be hosting an art camp for DVMS students ages 4+ (all the way up to our 12-year-old Upper Elementary students) for the week of June 25-29. This is the week that classes at DVMS are over, but the staff is still in finishing up some year-end tasks. See the DVSA poster below for more info. To register for DVSA art camp, please click here to visit the DVSA website  (under the "Choose Your Program" dropdown menu, select "Children & Teens" and scroll down to the "Head StART! A Montessori Program" selection options; there is a morning and afternoon session; sign up for both for full days).DVSA-Montesorri-Art-Camp-2018

  • Casa First and Second Year Student Interviews:

The Casa environments are holding Parent-Teacher interviews for parents of children in their first or second year of Casa. An email containing the link to sign up for an interview time with your child's guides went out this past week -- please let us know if you missed it. Interviews will take place during the last week of May. [Note: 3rd-year Casa students will receive a written progress report in lieu of year-end interviews].

Fun Family Events

  • DVMS Movie Night. Tonight!:

On Friday, May 25, some of our Upper Elementary students are hosting a movie night in the gymnasium. They will be showing the family-friendly movie "Coco." Movie night runs from 5:10-7:00 p.m., and you are welcome to bring PJs, pillows, sleeping bags/blankets, stuffed animals, and cash for snacks: they will have popcorn, of course, pizza, chips, juice boxes, fresh veggie cups, and candy cups for sale. All proceeds will go to McMaster Children's Hospital. Elementary students may be dropped off, but Casa children must have a parent with them.

  • Awe & Wonder:

DVMS Upper Elementary guide and Theatre specialist Michael Rode, and the Hamilton Choir Project, have another performance coming up on Saturday, June 2, at 8:00 p.m., at The Church of St. John the Evangelist, 320 Charlton Ave. (at Locke). Admission is by Pay-What-You-Can donation.WP_20180516_001

  • Ancaster Mill Race:

Coming up on Tuesday June 5, at 7:00 p.m. There is a 1K Kids' Race too. Click here for details and to register.AOMR_35TH_ANNIVERSARY_3

  • DVMS Dancers:

A few DVMS students are dancing in this performance coming up in a few weeks. Click here for tickets.EPSON MFP image


As always, let us know if you would like the full version of any photos of your children, or if you have any questions about the Montessori materials or jobs the children are working with. (If you hover your cursor over the photo you should see a file number).[gallery type="slideshow" size="large" ids="23871,23872,23873,23874,23875,23876,23877,23878,23879,23880,23881,23882,23883,23884,23885,23886,23887,23888,23889,23890,23891,23892,23893,23894,23895,23896,23897,23898,23899,23900,23901,23902,23903,23904,23905,23906,23907,23908,23909,23910,23911,23912,23913,23914,23915,23916,23917,23918,23919,23920,23921,23922,23923,23924,23925,23926,23927,23928,23929,23930,23931,23932,23933,23934,23935,23936,23937,23938"]