Events and Info at DVMS | May 21-25, 2018

DSC_5796This week:

  • Long Weekend
  • Casa, and Lower, Workshop
  • Lower Friday Soccer
  • Upper Friday Tennis
  • Grandparents' Day Sign-up
  • Toddler Garden Party
  • Impetigo
  • Yearbook
  • Summer Casa Camp
  • DVSA June Camp
  • Upper Bake Sale
  • Casa 1st and 2nd Year Interviews
  • Movie Night
  • Awe & Wonder
  • Ancaster Mill Race
  • DVMS Dancers
  • Photos!
  • Don't forget to check the DVMS calendar to stay up to date.

  • Happy Extra-long Weekend:

The Victoria Day long weekend is this weekend. DVMS is closed on Friday, May 18, for a PD Day (DVMS staff is heading to the CCMA conference featuring Dr. Angeline Lillard) and on Monday, May 21, for the Victoria Day holiday.NOTE FOR ELEMENTARY/3rd YEAR CASA PARENTS: If you're heading to the cottage over the long weekend, please remember to bring back or to retrieve your kids' sleeping bags (and any other camp-y gear they might need). They'll need them for their upcoming year-end trips/sleepover.

  • Casa, and Lower, Workshop:

On Thursday, May 24, the Casa guides will be hosting their final workshop of the school year (yep, that time of year is coming fast!). As always, the workshop will run from 3:30-4:00 and your kids are welcome to play on the playground during the workshop.At the workshop, the guides will discuss "What to Do Over the Summer to Set Children Up to Succeed on Their Return to School in September."Workshop Bonus!: Guides from the Lower Elementary environments will also be on-hand to discuss how 3rd-year Casa students can prepare for their transition into Lower Elementary.

Elementary Activities

  • Lower Elementary Friday Soccer: 

Lower Elementary kids are playing soccer on Friday afternoons, at DVMS, on May 25 and June 1 (Friday, May 18, is a PD Day).
Please help them remember to bring or wear appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor soccer on Friday afternoons, and to bring a water bottle if they do not have one at school.

  • Upper Elementary Friday Tennis: 

Upper Elementary students continue tennis at the Dundas Tennis Club, located in Dundas’s Driving Park, on Friday, May 25, and on June 1 and 8. If your child has a tennis racket, please have them bring it; if not, DVMS will supply rackets. Tennis-playin’-appropriate clothing and shoes, and their water bottles, are also required.

  • Upper Elementary West (Kathleen/Michael) will play tennis on Friday mornings. Please drop your Upper West child off at Driving Park between 8:30-9:00 on tennis days. They will walk back to DVMS for lunch.
  • Upper Elementary East (Terrence/Catherine) will play tennis on Friday afternoons. They will have an early lunch and walk to Driving Park for 1:00. If you would like to pick your child up from Driving Park, please be there no later than 3:15. Terrence or Catherine will depart Driving Park at 3:15 with the remaining students to walk back to DVMS for dismissal at 3:45.


  • A number of Upper Elementary children enjoy riding their bikes to and from tennis. Children that choose to do so, with your approval and consent, travel in an unsupervised group. If your child would like to bike ride, please email us at to indicate your consent.
  • Some children are also given permission to dismiss themselves from Driving Park in order to walk home. If you would like your child to walk home from the park, please indicate your consent for them to do so via email to

Information and Reminders

  • Grandparents' Day:

Grandparents' Day is on Friday, May 25. This day is always a bit chaotic, but more fun than every other day. Grandparents of Casa and Lower Elementary children are welcome to visit their grandchildren in their Montessori environments during the morning work cycle.A Request Please: if children will be leaving with grandparents, please schedule their departure from DVMS to coincide with their lunch or recess break (11:30), and let the kids (and grandparents) know what the plan is; this is the best way for everyone to avoid tears.The Upper Elementary and Toddler Communities do not participate in Grandparents’ Day:  participation is traditionally low in the Upper rooms (but grandparents are welcome to come watch them play tennis in the park), and there are too many tears when grandparents leave the Toddlers, so they're having an end-of-day Garden Party.Sign-up for Grandparents' Day visits here.

  • Toddler Garden Party:

Parents and grandparents of children in the Toddler Community are welcome to visit us in our garden, between 2:30-3:30, on Friday, May 25, for social, food, and drinks.

  • Impetigo:

We have had a few confirmed cases of impetigo this week. Impetigo is a contagious childhood skin infection. It initially appears as a rash that may look like bug bites (or the bacteria can infect existing bug bites). If you see potential symptoms, we strongly recommend bringing children to your family doctor. Hamilton Public Health requires that children diagnosed with impetigo stay away from school until 24 hours after they have started the prescribed antibiotics. You can find more information on the Canadian Paediatric Society website:


What is impetigo?

Impetigo is a common childhood skin infection that is usually caused by bacteria called group A streptococcal (strep) or Staphylococcus aureus (staph). Infection happens when the bacteria get into scrapes and insect bites.Having impetigo does not mean someone is not clean. It often affects preschool and school-aged children, especially those whose skin has already been irritated or who have other skin problems like eczema or poison ivy.

What does impetigo look like?

Impetigo usually appears around the mouth, nose or on skin that’s not covered by clothes. The rash can start as a cluster of red bumps or blisters. Eventually the blisters may ooze or be covered with a honey-coloured crust. Many germs live under this crust.Sometimes the infection can become serious. If this happens, your child may have fever, pain, swelling, and may feel weak.

  • 2017-18 DVMS Yearbook:

EPSON MFP imageThe 2017-18 DVMS Yearbook is availalble for pre-purchase -- a beautiful 80-page hardcover book. Click here to pre-order now for $45 online.Not only will your receive a handsome keepsake, but you'll also have access to the Digital Addition which features extended photos, videos, and music that you can play back on the computing device of your choice.Ordering only takes a minute, and the books will arrive during the last week of school for signing.

  • Summer Casa Camp:

Registration for DVMS Casa Summer Camp is now available.DVMS Casa Summer Camp is held on the grounds of Dundas Valley Montessori School. Staffed by DVMS Montessori trained staff and using our beautiful playground, gym, and multi-purpose room, each week will follow a theme with games, crafts, activities, and community outings. On Fridays we will have a barbecue lunch to end a week of fun and adventure. Our Summer Camp welcomes DVMS students and other children ages 4-6 (or have completed their first year of Casa as DVMS), meeting their developmental needs in a safe, nurturing environment.

  • DVSA Camp for Last Week of June:

Dundas Valley School of Art (DVSA) will once again be hosting an art camp for DVMS students ages 4+ (all the way up to our 12-year-old Upper Elementary students) for the week of June 25-29. This is the week that classes at DVMS are over, but the staff is still in finishing up some year-end tasks. See the DVSA poster below for more info. To register for DVSA art camp, please click here to visit the DVSA website  (under the "Choose Your Program" dropdown menu, select "Children & Teens" and scroll down to the "Head StART! A Montessori Program" selection options; there is a morning and afternoon session; sign up for both for full days).DVSA-Montesorri-Art-Camp-2018

  • Upper Bake Sale for Mac:

Some of our charitable-inclined Upper Elementary students will be holding a bake sale to raise money for McMaster Children's Hospital on Wednesday, May 23, from 3:30 – 4:00.

  • Casa First and Second Year Student Interviews:

The Casa environments will be holding Parent-Teacher interviews for parents of children in their first or second year of Casa. Please keep an eye on your inbox for an email containing the link to sign up for an interview time with your child's guides. Interviews will take place during the last week of May. [Note: 3rd-year Casa students will receive a written progress report in lieu of year-end interviews].

Fun Family Events

  • DVMS Movie Night:

On Friday, May 25, some of our Upper Elementary students are hosting a movie night in the gymnasium. They will be showing the family-friendly movie "Coco." Movie night runs from 5:10-7:00 p.m., and you are welcome to bring PJs, pillows, sleeping bags/blankets, stuffed animals, and cash for snacks: they will have popcorn, of course, pizza, chips, juice boxes, fresh veggie cups, and candy cups for sale. All proceeds will go to McMaster Children's Hospital.

  • Awe & Wonder:

DVMS Upper Elementary guide and Theatre specialist Michael Rode, and the Hamilton Choir Project, have another performance coming up on Saturday, June 2, at 8:00 p.m., at The Church of St. John the Evangelist, 320 Charlton Ave. (at Locke). Admission is by Pay-What-You-Can donation.WP_20180516_001

  • Ancaster Mill Race:

Coming up on Tuesday June 5, at 7:00 p.m. There is a 1K Kids' Race too. Click here for details and to register.AOMR_35TH_ANNIVERSARY_3

  • DVMS Dancers:

A few DVMS students are dancing in this performance coming up in a few weeks. Click here for tickets.EPSON MFP image


Not as many photos as normal due to this short week and the conference . We'll be back on track next week.As always, let us know if you would like the full version of any photos of your children, or if you have any questions about the Montessori materials or jobs the children are working with. (If you hover your cursor over the photo you should see a file number).