Events and Info at DVMS | May 7-11, 2018

DSC_4857This week:

  • Field Trip for Parents
  • Lower/Upper Bake Sale for Puppies
  • Lower Friday Soccer
  • Lower Phys. Ed. Hiking
  • Upper Friday Tennis
  • Upper Phys. Ed. Biking
  • Upper Mother's Day Tea
  • Summer Casa Camp
  • DVSA June Camp
  • Fort Snacks
  • Raffle Winner
  • Shoes and Socks
  • Strachella
  • Café News
  • Grandparents are coming
  • Long, long weekend
  • Free Museums
  • Photos!
  • Don't forget to check the DVMS calendar to stay up to date.

May 17 Field Trip for Parents

Parent Evening Presentation Flyer - Angeline Stoll LillardSee the details on the poster above (click it to open it in a separate tab/window). DVMS will be chartering a bus to and from this event for DVMS parents. You are also welcome to drive to the event, and to bring a non-DVMS/non-Montessori friend(s). Please click here to register for the event.If you would like to ride the DVMS bus, please let us know by filling out this short, 2-question form after you have registered for the event above. The bus has limited seating so please complete the bus-ridin' form for each individual person.

Elementary Activities

  • Lower/Upper Bake Sale:

DSC_5171On Monday, May 7, there will be a bake sale to benefit the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA. This bake sale will be for both Lower and Upper elementary students during their lunch break (12:30-1:00) and all items will be $1.00-$2.00. For this bake sale, the students are requesting and accepting donations of baked goods on Monday morning (no nuts); if you and your children enjoy baking together, or think it might something to try out over the weekend, baked-good donations would be greatly appreciated. Remember, they're Montessori kids, so they know how to pour, mix, measure, and clean up.

  • There will also be a Lower Elementary-only lunchtime bake sale on Friday, May 11.

  • Lower Elementary Friday Soccer: 

Lower Elementary kids will begin soccer for their Friday afternoon activity starting Friday, May 4, and continuing on May 11, 25, and June 1 (Friday, May 18, is a PD Day).
Please help them remember to bring or wear appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor soccer on Friday afternoons, and to bring a water bottle if they do not have one at school.

  • Lower Elementary Phys. Ed. Hiking:

Lower Elementary children will be taking advantage of the (finally) nice weather and will be hiking on local urban trails during their regularly scheduled phys. ed. class time this coming week (May 7-11).

Lower South (Noeleen/Christine) will be hiking on Tuesday afternoon, May 8.

Lower North (Jodi/Kathleen) will be hiking on Thursday afternoon, May 10.

Please help your Lower child remember to a bring water bottle, weather appropriate clothing, and hike-y footwear.If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Colin through

  • Upper Elementary Friday Tennis: 

Upper Elementary students begin tennis at the Dundas Tennis Club, located in Dundas’s Driving Park, on Friday, May 11, continuing on May 25 and on June 1 and 8. If your child has a tennis racket, please have them bring it; if not, DVMS will supply rackets. Tennis-playin’-appropriate clothing and shoes, and their water bottles, are also required.

  • Upper Elementary West (Kathleen/Michael) will play tennis on Friday mornings. Please drop your Upper West child off at Driving Park between 8:30-9:00 on tennis days. They will walk back to DVMS for lunch.
  • Upper Elementary East (Terrence/Catherine) will play tennis on Friday afternoons. They will have an early lunch and walk to Driving Park for 1:00. If you would like to pick your child up from Driving Park, please be there no later than 3:15. Terrence or Catherine will depart Driving Park at 3:15 with the remaining students to walk back to DVMS for dismissal at 3:45.


  • A number of Upper Elementary children enjoy riding their bikes to and from tennis. Children that choose to do so, with your approval and consent, travel in an unsupervised group. If your child would like to bike ride, please email us at to indicate your consent.
  • Some children are also given permission to dismiss themselves from Driving Park in order to walk home. If you would like your child to walk home, please indicate your consent for them to do so via email to

  • Upper Elementary Phys. Ed. Biking:

Upper Elementary children will also be taking advantage of the (also finally) nice weather and will be biking on local urban trails during their regularly scheduled phys. ed. class time this coming week (May 7-11).Upper East (Terrence/Catherine) will be biking on Monday afternoon, May 7.Upper West (Kathleen/Michael) will be biking on Wednesday afternoon, May 9.Please help your Upper child remember to a bring their bicycle, a properly fitted CSA-approved helmet, their water bottle if it's not already at school, and weather appropriate clothing.If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Colin through

  • Upper Elementary Mother's Day Tea:

This year's Upper Elementary Mother's Day Tea will take place on the afternoon of Thursday, May 10, from 1:30-3:30. Come be pampered by your kids for an afternoon of teas and treats. You deserve it.

Information and Reminders

  • Summer Casa Camp:

Registration for DVMS Casa Summer Camp is now available.DVMS Casa Summer Camp is held on the grounds of Dundas Valley Montessori School. Staffed by DVMS Montessori trained staff and using our beautiful playground, gym, and multi-purpose room, each week will follow a theme with games, crafts, activities, and community outings. On Fridays we will have a barbecue lunch to end a week of fun and adventure. Our Summer Camp welcomes DVMS students and other children ages 4-6 (or have completed their first year of Casa as DVMS), meeting their developmental needs in a safe, nurturing environment.

  • DVSA Camp for Last Week of June:

Dundas Valley School of Art (DVSA) will once again be hosting an art camp for DVMS students ages 4+ (all the way up to our 12-year-old Upper Elementary students) for the week of June 25-29. This is the week that classes at DVMS are over, but the staff is still in finishing up some year-end tasks. See the DVSA poster below for more info. To register for DVSA art camp, please click here to visit the DVSA website  (under the "Choose Your Program" dropdown menu, select "Children & Teens" and scroll down to the "Head StART! A Montessori Program" selection options; there is a morning and afternoon session; sign up for both for full days).DVSA-Montesorri-Art-Camp-2018

  • Recess Fort Snacks:

[gallery ids="23419,23420" type="rectangular"]Our Elementary children love constructing their forts on the playground during recess. It's a great activity for creativity, teamwork, geometry, math, engineering, and all sorts of other practical goodness. In fact, they're so comfortable, the kids have started bringing snacks from home to stock their forts with, which is a lovely idea but unfortunately not something we can allow due to allergies and the attraction of critters. If you notice any missing snack items or are asked to let your child bring extra food items to school, please let them know that snacks are enjoyed in class or at home. Thank you.

  • Raffle Winner:

DSC_5021Remember the Upper Elementary students held that 50/50 fundraising raffle for their Ottawa trip a few weeks ago? Here's the grand prize winner receiving his winnings.   

  • Shoes and Socks:

Now that the weather's nice again, it feels great to break out the summer clothes -- we've seen lots of shorts, dresses, and tank tops this week, and some sandals. Please remember that closed-toe shoes and socks must be worn at school at all times for hygiene and safety concerns. Thank you.

  • Strachella:

From your friends at Strata:

Dear Strata and DVMS parents,
Please join us on Saturday, May 12th, from 11:00-2:00 at Strata for fun, music, and art!
Before the closing of this year, we wanted to do something that encouraged and showcased some of the musical talent we've discovered here at Strata this year. We've taken inspiration from California's music festival Coachella, and made our own version: Strachella. During Strachella:
  • A cafe will be held in the dining room
  • Art will be showcased from the art classes (sketching and paddle-making).
  • A Mother's Day market will be held in the community room
  • Seedlings will also be sold, and
  • We will be having a car wash out front. We will be charging ten dollars for the car wash that includes an exterior wash, and a floor mat wash.This is an environmentally friendly wash as we use only biodegradable soaps, re-purposed supplies, and collected water.

100% of the proceeds from Strachella will be donated to a family that's recently moved here from Iraq -- a mother, father, grandmother, and a young boy. Music will be played outside by Strata's bands: Sticky Rice, Fried Raman, and others. This is definitely an event you don't want to miss! So we hope to see you there!

  • Strata Café Update:

More from your good friends at Strata:

In preparation for Strachella, we will still be doing our regular Friday cafe on May 11! Sticky Rice, who will be featured at Stratchella, will be giving a preview of what to expect. This week we will be serving our amazing Portuguese baked eggs and a new muffin -- savoury cheddar cheese. If the weather allows, there will be seating outdoors so you can enjoy watching spring come to Strata.


  • Grandparents' Day Coming Up:

A bit of notice that Grandparents' Day is coming up on Friday, May 25. This day is always a bit chaotic, but more fun than every other day. Grandparents of Casa and Lower Elementary children are welcome to visit their grandchildren in their Montessori environments during the morning work cycle. A Request Please: if children will be leaving with grandparents, please schedule their departure from DVMS to coincide with their lunch or recess break, and let the kids (and grandparents) know what the plan is; this is the best way for everyone to avoid tears.The Upper Elementary and Toddler Communities do not participate in Grandparents’ Day:  participation is traditionally low in the Upper rooms (but grandparents are welcome to come watch them play tennis in the park), and there are too many tears when grandparents leave the Toddlers.Sign-up for Grandparents' Day will be available next week.

  • Extra-long Weekend Notice:

The Victoria Day long weekend is coming up. DVMS is closed on Friday, May 18, for a PD Day (DVMS staff is heading to the CCMA conference featuring Dr. Angeline Lillard -- see the Parent Field Trip info above) and on Monday, May 21, for the Victoria Day holiday.

Fun Family Events

  • Free Museums This Weekend:

Click here for more information.

Hamilton Civic Museums will be open free to the public on Saturday May 5 and Sunday May 6 from 10 am to 4 pm in recognition of May is Museum Month and Jane’s Walk.All eight City owned and operated museums, including five National Historic Sites, will open their doors featuring free tours and unique programming: Dundurn Castle, The Hamilton Military Museum, Whitehern Historic House & Garden, Battlefield House Museum & Park, Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology, Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum, Griffin House, and the Hamilton Children’s Museum.


As always, let us know if you would like the full version of any photos of your children, or if you have any questions about the Montessori materials or jobs the children are working with. (If you hover your cursor over the photo you should see a file number).[gallery ids="23476,23475,23474,23473,23472,23471,23470,23469,23468,23467,23466,23465,23464,23463,23462,23461,23460,23459,23458,23457,23456,23455,23454,23453,23452,23451,23450,23449,23448,23447,23446,23445,23444,23443,23442,23441,23440,23439,23438,23437,23436,23435,23434,23433,23432,23431,23430,23429,23428,23427,23426,23425,23477,23478,23479,23480,23481,23482,23483,23484,23485,23486,23487,23488,23489,23491,23492,23494,23498,23501,23504,23508,23509,23490,23493,23495,23497,23500,23503,23506,23510,23511,23496,23499,23505,23507,23502,23512,23513,23514,23515,23516,23517" type="slideshow"]