March Break Reminders

Good Morning DVMS Community,We have a few reminders for you as we head into the March Break:

  • Lost and Found:

As we do at the end of every term, we will be donating any unlabeled lost and found items to charity at the end of this week. Please take a few minutes to look for long lost items -- we've got lots of lonely, single gloves and mittens, a nice collection of water bottles, and a pile o' snow pants, as well as the regular jackets and sweaters. Items are laid out in the front hallway for perusal.

  • Online Immunization Reporting:

When you enroll at DVMS you are required to submit your child’s immunization records, which we are then required to submit to Hamilton Public Health every September.

When your child has additional immunizations, Hamilton public Health requires you to submit the updated information directly to them. Online immunization reporting is now available through Hamilton Public Health and is designed as an alternative to keeping track of the hard copy immunization record (that yellow thing that you remember putting somewhere once so that you wouldn't lose it).

How to Report Immunization Records

Immunization reporting is now available online.

Click here to visit the Hamilton Public Health Services Online Immunization Reporting website.

  •  Strata Café this Friday:

Finally, head into March Break by starting your Friday with a trip to the weekly Strata Café.

Our café Is located at 575 Lions Club road, Dundas ON and takes place from 8:30AM to 10AM. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us by email at or give us a call at 905-304-

 Have a fabulous March Break everyone. Enjoy the trips, and bask in the time to relax at home with your great kids. We're back to Montessori-ing on Monday, March 25.