Events and Info at DVMS | Nov. 6-10, 2017

DSC_7365This week:

  • Parent Dinner is Friday, Nov. 10. Get your tickets today.
  • Lower gymnastics and yoga
  • Blackadar
  • Upper dance
  • Parent Observations and Interviews Nov. 20-24
  • Science Fair photos
  • Fall back
  • Remembrance Day
  • Staff greeters
  • Nov. 15 Parent Education event
  • Marathon
  • Bulldogs
  • Visit your local library
  • Photos!

Parent Dinner | Friday, Nov. 10

Nov2017 Parent Dinner PromoStrata and DVMS are built on a vision of students working together to create a community of learning, caring, and having fun.In that spirit, on Friday, Nov. 10, you will be both diners and chefs, making a pizza which will then be shared to all of our guests. This is your opportunity to be creative, to think about flavours, and to mingle.Our students will be working with Red Door Cucina to make the dough, the sauce, and to pick out a curious and delicious array of toppings -- from figs to feta, beets to bananas, mozzarella to mint, prosciutto to pear.Past and present students are coming together to organize this event, serve the pizzas, help with the cooking and serving, and cleaning up.The beer will be provided by one of our own family's brewing company -- Grain and Grit -- which had its official opening this week. (We are working on the wine).It is all different -- but it all makes sense. Please come and support our vision to make DVMS and Strata the best schools in the whole darn world.Tickets are $50/person and can be purchased via PayPal (use your PayPal account, or your credit card if you do not have PayPal), at DVMS or Strata (starting Monday, Oct. 23), or at the door.Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets can be accommodated, and there will be a cash bar.All proceeds will go towards supporting the ongoing development of Strata (a registered Canadian charity) as one of Canada's first and foremost Montessori middle schools.Click here or on the image above to visit the Parent Dinner page and to purchase tickets.

Elementary Activities

Lower Elementary
  • Gymnastics and Yoga: Both Lower Elementary classes will begin gymnastics or yoga in November and into December. Gymnastics will take place at the Hamilton Gymnastics Academy and students will be bused to and from. The class that is not attending gymnastics will participate in yoga at DVMS. From the gymnastics academy:

The kids will have the opportunity to learn gymnastics at a fully equipped gym with certified gymnastic instructors. Kids will be on Floor, Trampoline, Tumble Trak (50ft long trampoline) as well as mini trampoline and beam. They will learn safe landing positions, as well as basic gymnastics. Kids should wear shorts and t-shirt to the gym, have hair tied back and no jewellery (stud earrings are fine, no hoops or dangly earrings); no bare feet in the gym.

  • Lower Elementary South (Noeleen/Christine) will go to gymnastics on Fridays, Oct. 27, and Nov. 10 and 17 (Nov. 3 is a PD Day).
  • Lower Elementary North (Jodi/Kathleen) will go to gymnastics on Dec. 1, 8, and 15.

  • Visits to Blackadar: The Lower Elementary classes began their visits to Blackadar Continuing Care Centre this week. Visits to Blackadar are optional for students and those choosing to go are asked to bring in a show and tell item to share with the residents. We have been visiting Blackadar (just up the road from us) for a number of years and it is always wonderful to see the relationships that develop between the children and the seniors. It is also an opportunity for the children to develop public speaking skills and confidence. Each Lower Elementary class will visit once each month, on a Wednesday afternoon, for 30-45 minutes.

Upper Elementary
  • Dance: Upper Elementary students will be participating in a dance program, at DVMS, on Friday Nov. 10 and 17, and on Friday Dec. 1 and 8. They will once again be led in dance by Chimira Andres, an Honours Integrated Science student at McMaster University who is also the current president and captain of the Mac Dance Competitive Varsity Dance Team. She has been a principal dancer/graduate from the School of Cadence Ballet in Toronto, ON. She also has been a senior dance instructor for 4 to 16-year-old dancers in the City of Mississauga dance program for approximately 7 years, and is a working contemporary dance artist with the Parahumans Dance Company. Upper students will dance with their class on Friday afternoons and should wear or bring appropriate, loose clothing.

Information and Reminders

DVMS Parent Observations and Interviews: Parent observations in  your child's DVMS Montessori environments, and Parent-Teacher interviews with your child's Montessori guides, will take place throughout the week of November 20-24.Please note: there is no school on Friday, Nov. 24, due to the Parent-Teacher interviews.
  • Parent Observations: Observations will be held between 9:00-11:00 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Nov. 20-22, and are an opportunity for you to spend time quietly observing in your child's Montessori environment prior to your Parent-Teacher interview. Observation sessions are 20 minutes and are for parents only (there will be opportunities for grandparents and other family members to visit during Show Me Day and Grandparents' Day in February and May, respectively). Please read the "DVMS Observation Guidelines" prior to your visit.
    • Observations are not held in the Toddler Community as it is difficult for the toddlers to have mom and dad come into the environment and then leave without them.
    • The Upper Elementary Science Fair takes the place of observations for the Upper environments. Observations at this level tend to be less valuable as students move away from materials-based activities and into more abstract work.

Casa and Lower Elementary parents, please select your child's Montessori environment and an observation timeslot here.Speaking of the Upper Elementary Science Fair that took place this past Thursday, please enjoy a glimpse of the action. Great work Upper students![gallery ids="20817,20818,20819,20820,20821,20822,20823,20824,20825,20826,20827,20828,20829,20830,20831,20832,20833,20834,20835,20836,20837,20838,20839,20840,20841,20842,20843,20844,20845,20846,20847,20848,20849" type="slideshow"]Wind energy in action:

  • Parent-Teacher Interviews: Interviews will be held from 4:00-8:00 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 23, and from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 24. (Both Lower Elementary environments will also have interview timeslots available the following week, between 2:00-3:30, during their phys. ed. and music classes; Lower South on Tues., Nov. 28, and Lower North on Thurs., Nov. 30).

Interviews are 20-minutes in length and childcare is available during your interview session.

This year, parents can also sign up for interviews with Mary and Lisa in the Casa dei Bambini environment, and with Lucie or Selin for Lower and Upper Elementary French interviews; these interviews are optional.

Toddler Community interviews will take place on Friday morning only and are for parents of toddlers in their second year. Look for an email from your children's Toddler Community Montessori guides with more details and information.

We ask that you please be on time for your interview and that you do not stay beyond the scheduled interview timeslot so that everyone can stay on schedule. Thank you.

Please select your child's Montessori environment and an interview timeslot here.

  • Fall Back: Remember, clocks go back one hour this weekend. See you all on time, and in the daylight, on Monday morning. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep, or the more relaxing Monday morning coffee drinking.

  • Remembrance Day: Each year, our Elementary level students attend the Dundas Legion's Remembrance Day ceremonies and participate by laying a wreath. This year, Remembrance Day and the ceremony are on a Saturday, so our classes will not be able to attend. DSC_7298There will be various, age-appropriate activities, lessons, and discussions in the classrooms, but if you would like to attend the ceremonies with your children this year, here's the schedule for Saturday, November 11:

10:15am - Parade falls in at Memorial Square/Dundas Firehall10:30am - Parade marches to Memorial at Community Centre10:45am - Memorial service commences

  • Staff Greeting in Morning: Starting this week, when you drop off in the morning, you may see some new faces greeting your children. Now that we're all settled in, different staff members will be taking a couple of days each to greet children so that guides at the different levels can get to know all of the DVMS Montessorians. Please feel free to introduce your children, and yourselves.

  • Parent Education Evening: Wed. Nov. 15, 5:30 - 7:00.  "Montessori at Home and Digital Citizenship."

Fun Family Events

There doesn't seem to be many family events going on around town this weekend. May be a good weekend to rest and recover from Halloween fun. Making some healthy soups together to balance out all the candy (we know you ate some too, parents) is always good fall family fun that your Montessori kids can get involved in through shopping and chopping. If you do want to get out and about this weekend:


It wasn't all costumes and candy this week. Your l'il learners did some serious Montessori-ing this past week. Take a look.As always, let us know if you would like the full version of any photos of your children, or if you have any questions about the Montessori materials or jobs the children are working with.[gallery ids="20868,20904,20905,20906,20907,20908,20909,20910,20911,20912,20913,20914,20915,20916,20917,20918,20919,20920,20921,20922,20923,20924,20925,20926,20927,20928,20929,20930,20931,20933,20935,20938,20932,20934,20936,20937,20939,20940,20941,20942,20943,20854,20856,20857,20855,20858,20870,20859,20882,20881,20865,20864,20866,20883,20890,20863,20862,20888,20861,20889,20860,20867,20897,20892,20874,20875,20880,20879,20872,20887,20878,20871,20873,20869,20898,20876,20877,20886,20885,20884,20893,20891,20902,20895,20894,20900,20896,20901,20899,20903" type="slideshow"]