Events and Info: April 3 - 7, 2017, at Dundas Valley Montessori School

DSC_8296Hope you all had a fun-filled yet relaxing March Break. Here's what's going on (and what went on this week) as we head into the final term of the school year:Parent-Teacher Interviews Next WeekToddler Parent Education on ThursdayElementary Friday Activities Start on April 21Fish Dissection Pics (ewwww)Parking lot/Pick-up/Drop-off RequestsUpcoming PA/PD Days and Stat HolidaysA Hockey TournamentDramaRiddle SadnessLost and Found and Clothes and WeatherLower North Project NeedsStrata Supper ClubPete's DragonandGhosts in the Woods

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Term 3 Parent-Teacher Interviews will take place on the evening of Thursday, April 6, and the morning of Friday, April 7. Friday, April 7, is a PA Day due to the interviews and DVMS is closed.Notes:

  • Both Lower environments will also have afternoon interviews on one day the following week.
  • The Toddler Community will be holding a specific set of interviews on the Friday only; they are hosting a Toddler Parent Education evening on Thursday, April 7. (Toddler families, you will have received an email with an RSVP request from the Toddler guides before the break).
  • Please remember, for the interviews, babes-in-arms are fine, but we ask that toddlers and other children take advantage of the childcare in the gym.

Please click here to select your child(ren)’s Montessori environment and to schedule your interview time.

Toddler Parent Education Evening

Toddler families, your Toddler Parent Education evening is coming up on Thursday, April 6. From the Toddler Community guides:

On Thursday, April 6th from 5:30 – 7:00 the DVMS Toddler Community would like to invite their Toddler Community families to attend a Parent Evening on Freedom and Limits — otherwise known as: The Montessori Approach to Discipline.(If you are not a parent of a Toddler student, but would like to attend, please contact the Toddler guides at; space is limited in the Toddler Community room).During the evening, we will discuss Licence vs. Liberty, the Development of the Will, the Three levels of Obedience, and how to help our children as they develop self-discipline and learn to control their emotions. There will also be opportunities for you to give examples of your struggles at home and develop strategies on how to best cope.In preparation for our discussion please read Chapter 4, “Keeping the Peace” in How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way – by Tim Seldin.We highly suggest that one or both parents attend this event — Grandparents, nannies, and other caregivers are also welcome.We are hosting our Parent Evening in lieu of having parent/teacher interviews. We will be offering P-T interviews only to those families that joined us in January or to those who feel that they need a conference. If you fall into the latter category and would like an interview please email us and we will schedule a time.Because we are holding our Parent Evening on P-T interview night, child care is available to the toddlers in the gym along with the rest of the school community. We suggest, if possible, to arrange for alternative care, but the gym and our DVMS staff are available should you require them.Please RSVP to as to whether you are able to attend, how many adults will be attending from your family, and whether you will require care for your toddler, by no later than Friday, March 31.

Elementary Activities:

  • Lower Elementary Zumba: Lower Elementary students will participating in Zumba, at DVMS, with Maria Isabel Garcia Castro of Maisa Fitness, who has been leading these high-energy classes at DVMS for a number of years. They will have Zumba at DVMS on the afternoons of Friday, April 21, 28, and May 12. Please ensure children wear or bring clothing they can move and groove in on Zumba days.

  • Upper Elementary: details of the upcoming Upper Elementary Friday activity soon.

  • Upper Elementary Fish Dissection: If you have queasy tendencies you may want to skip this one; this past Tuesday, those Upper Elementary students who felt up to it participated in a fish dissection activity (look for some great faces in the backgrounds):

[gallery ids="15135,15136,15137,15138,15139,15140,15141,15142,15143" type="slideshow"]

But wait, there's more:

  • Parking Lot/Pick-up/Drop-off: Time for this term's request regarding the parking lot/pick-up/drop-off/etc. As the weather gets nicer, it's lovely to let the kids play while you catch up with other parents or chat with your child's guides. We don't want to lose that, but extra time on the playground means more congestion in the parking lot.
    • We would like to reserve the parking lot for quick pick-ups only, please.
    • Casa parents, if you like, or plan, to stay for a while and let the kids play, please park on the street.
    • Elementary families, please remember that you can give us permission to have your children dismiss themselves after school and meet you in the neighbourhood. The dog park at the corner of Central Park and Chegwin St. is a popular spot. As always, we ask that elementary children be dropped off a few blocks from the school to allow them the opportunity to walk to school independently, while also reducing congestion and letting you get on with your day a few minutes earlier.

InkedPark Map_LI

  • PA and PD Days and Statutory Holidays, Oh My!: There a number of closures coming up we want to make sure you know about. DVMS will be closed:
    • Friday, April 7, is a PA Day for Parent-Teacher Interviews.
    • Friday, April 14, is Good Friday.
    • Monday, April 17, is Easter Monday.
    • (There is another 4-day weekend in May: Friday, May 19, is a PD Day and Monday, May 22, is Victoria Day).

  • Recess Hockey Tournament: Some of our Lower Elementary students are organizing a recess hockey tournament, in the gym, on Wednesday, April 5. It is for both Lower and Upper children and there will be a $0.50 registration fee to go to the Lower Elementary Community fund to be dispersed at the end of the year. Hockey players will need a helmet with facemask and hockey gloves.

  • Theatre Arts Specialist: During this third term, Upper Elementary students will be learning theatre and dramatic arts from Krista Colosimo. Krista started this week. Krista is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada Acting Program and a recent recipient of Theatre Ontario's Professional Theatre Training Program in Artistic Direction. Krista has also taught acting workshops across the country at the Shaw Festival, Gateway Theatre, has taught with the Toronto organization ArtsExpress, and has completed the Brock University Artist in the Classroom training program.


  • Sad Guinea Pig News: Casa South's long-standing guinea pig pet -- Riddle -- moved on to greener pastures this week. There may have been some tears, but the children consoled Pat ;). If anyone has a need for a large guinea pig cage, we have one available for free!

  • The Weather and the Clothes and the Lost and Found: The up and down weather is making it hard to know what to send the kids to school in. Cold mornings and warm afternoons are filling up the lost and found as items are abandoned at recess and after school; please take a few minutes to look through it. Also, please remember to check the forecast for the day and send children with appropriate outdoor gear. The playground remains wet and muddy...

  • Lower North Project Needs: There is some serious project work going on in Lower Elementary North right now. The year 2 children are learning about dinosaurs and different countries; the year 3 students are focusing on timeline projects that will result in board games created by the kids. A weekend afternoon trip to the library and/or the craft section of the dollar store will be ideal family activities to support their work. Ask them what they're working on.

  • Strata Supper Club: Strata is offering 3 suppers with 3 master chefs on the last Friday of the next 3 months. They're raising money to help send the third-year students to the Pathway to Peace: Montessori Education for Social Change Conference in Prague this summer to deliver their manifesto on "Food Justice" that will be developed at the "International  Montessori Adolescent Summit" happening at Strata in April.

The first dinner, happening tonight, is SOLD OUT. The first chef is local legend and Stratford Chef School trained Mel Athulathmudali. For those who are coming, Mel will create a Gourmet Mexican Dinner where all plates and cutlery are edible. The cost is $75 per person and will include a 4-course meal that will include chicken mole, ceviche, pumpkin soup, and a chile vanilla ice cream dessert of our own creation. You will also enjoy a complimentary specialty cocktail, and wine and beer pairings. Vegetarian and gluten free options are available.

There are only 25 seats so book early!

Strata - Putting the fun in fundraising since 2012!

Email us to reserve a seat at is at the door on the night of the dinner)

[The next two dinners are April 28 and May 26 -- save the dates and reserve your seats!]

Fun Family Events:

The adventures of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just so happens to be a dragon.

  • Hermitage Ruins Ghost Walk: One for those with older kids. Saturday, April 1, in the evening. Click here for details.

Walk into the haunted woods at night with the only tour of its kind anywhere!Experience the conflict between calm and fear. A quiet stroll in the forest mixed with dark energy from one of the oldest communities in Ontario. Soon you arrive at a place filled with ghost stories told over generations at this hidden historic gem.It's just your group, alone in the dark with ghosts. Stories of tragic love, cults and the coachman who still walks among the trees.

  • Know of any fun family events coming up that our Montessori community would enjoy? Let us know.

Look at these great kids -- right back to it:[gallery ids="15168,15169,15170,15171,15172,15173,15174,15175,15176,15177,15178,15179,15180,15181,15182,15183,15184,15185,15186,15187,15188,15189,15190,15191,15192,15193,15194,15195,15196,15197,15198,15199,15200,15201,15202,15203,15204,15205,15206,15207,15208,15209,15210,15211,15212,15213,15214,15215,15216,15217,15218,15219,15220,15221,15222,15223,15224,15225,15226,15227,15228,15229,15230,15231,15232,15233,15234,15235,15236,15237" type="slideshow"]