Events and Info: Feb. 13 - 17, 2017, at Dundas Valley Montessori School

dsc_5788Here are your Events and Informations for the coming week(s):March Break CampsLower Elementary Karate and SkatingUpper Elementary Rock Climbing (waiver link below)THANK YOUPD and Family DaysValentine's DayEarth Rangers (with video)MS Read-A-ThonKids' CafeThe Big FreezeWinterfest

March Break Camps

DVMS is hosting March Break Camps for DVMS Casa and Elementary students. Both camps will take place during the second week of March Break: Monday, March 21, to Friday, March 24.Programming will run from 9:00 – 3:30 each day. Doors open at 8:30 and children must be picked up by 4:00.Please click here for details and registration for the Casa Camp.Please click here for details and registration for the Elementary Camp.

Elementary Activities:

Lower Elementary: Lower Elementary students will be participating in figure skating skills or karate for the next three Friday activity days (remember, Friday, Feb. 17, is a PD Day).

  • Karate: Children not participating in the skating activity will take part in karate, at DVMS, with Gord Waddell of United Family Martial Arts. Gord has been teaching karate at DVMS for a number of years. Children should wear or bring loose fitting/easy to move in clothing on karate days.
  • Figure Skating Skills: will take place on Friday, Feb 10, 24, and March 3 (February 17 is a PD Day). Figure skating participants will be learning from DVMS Montessori Mom Amanda Graydon — a former competitive figure skater and certified coach. Skaters will require a CSA certified helmet (no bike helmets please), as well as splash pants or joggers. From Amanda:

I find snow pants are hard to move in on the ice, but if they don’t have splash pants, snow pants for sure. Thin socks, nylons, or bare feet. Thick socks actually make their feet colder. I have a bin of small sized skates (both hockey & figure) I can lend. If buying skates, try to buy used if you can, saves any blisters for your little ones. Let someone else do the breaking in of the skates! Have the new-to-ice skaters practice walking on carpet at home in their skates to help them get used to the feeling of a thin blade (safely, of course). The younger/new-to-ice skaters (ages 2-4) can bring a favourite stuffy to skate with. Can’t have any ‘loose’ items that come off. If parents want to accompany, please wear skates.

We also recommend gloves be worn on the ice.

  • Upper Elementary Climbing: Upper Elementary students will be climbing at Gravity Climbing Gym on Friday, Feb. 24 (Feb. 17 is a PD Day), and Friday, March 3 and 10. They will be at the gym from 1:00-2:30, and there is room for parents to watch. Children will be bussed to and from Gravity. Each child will require a waiver to be submitted. Gravity now has an online waiver form you must fill out. Click here to go to the waiver. In addition to the waiver, the gym asks:
Outdoor shoes are not permitted.  Climbers must bring a separate pair of clean, dry, snugly laced running shoes to change into. Alternately, climbing shoes will be available to rent for $2.65 + hst.
Please have climbers wear comfortable athletic clothing.

But wait, there's more:

  • Re-Enrolment THANK YOU: Thank you all for submitting your re-enrolment forms by the deadline. This has been our best year ever for timely responses. As a result, there were some very happy families this week as we let them know that they will be able to join you as Montessori Moms and Dads next year. Thanks again. You're the best.

  • PD and Family Day Reminder: Just a reminder: Friday, February 17, is a PD day and Monday, February 20, is the Family Day statutory holiday. On the PD day, DVMS staff will be participating in a workshop focused on curriculum continuity throughout the different levels of Montessori at DVMS. This is a large project undertaken by DVMS staff this year that will allow us to continue to provide your children with the best Montessori education possible. We’re always working to be better.

  • Valentine's Day: We ask that children do not bring store bought Valentines Day cards to school. If a child wants to do something for their classmates, please bring only home-made Valentine’s, that are not addressed to individual children, and that they bring enough for each child in the class. We also request that candies, chocolates, and other treats of sweet love be saved for the home environment. Thank you for understanding; this day can be a considerable disruption to the Montessori environments.
    • Upper Elementary students will be participating in their traditional Valentine’s box lunch exchange on Feb. 14. A note with instructions and who your child will be making a lunch for came home with each child this week. (If you haven't seen it, ask them and let your child's guide know if it has been lost).

  • Earth Rangers Visit: This past Wednesday, we had a visit from Earth Rangers, arranged by an Upper Elementary student. The Elementary children and a number of Casa kids enjoyed learning about animal and habitat conservation. They also got to meet a few animals:

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  • MS Read-A-Thon:

This year's MS Read-A-Thon is well underway. The students have been reading for two weeks now and keeping track of their minutes. Last year, our school raised over $5000 and it’s our goal to match that donation this year! The MS Read-A-Thon is an opportunity for us to foster our love of reading and to further develop our literacy skills. We are learning about the importance of being involved in our community and becoming more aware of the difficulties that some of us deal with daily. Just by reading, our school is helping people who live with multiple sclerosis.We have one more week to keep reading and gathering pledges to make a difference – so keep encouraging your child to do so! Students are reminded that online donations can be made on the MS Read-A-Thon website (, or they may bring their completed Pledge Kits to the school office on February 21st.Please contact me at if additional Minute Tracking Sheets or Pledge Sheets are needed, or if you would like some help setting up the online fundraising page for your child.Thanks to all those wonderful DVMS students and families that have shown their support for this important cause.Kind regards,Mairi AchongLearning Resource Teacher


Fun Family Events:

Don’t miss this winter’s coolest exhibit!20,000 years ago, mammoths, mastadons, camels, giant sloths, short-faced bears, scimitar cats, and lions thrived on the open grasslands of the Yukon. It was the cold peak of the last glacial phase of the ice age.The Big Freeze brings the ice age story home to RBG, with a display of mammoth/mastodon remains that have been recovered in the local area, and artwork that provides a glimpse into the formation of the landscapes of RBG and the environment we see today.Regular admission applies.

  • Know of any fun family events coming up that our Montessori community would enjoy? Let us know.

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