Events and Info: Jan. 30 - Feb. 3, 2017, at Dundas Valley Montessori School

dsc_5313What your scrolling has in store for you this week:

  • Re-enrolment Info
  • Elementary Activities
  • A Summit at Strata
  • Uppers at Cafe
  • Upcoming PD Day and Holiday
  • Pick-up Reminder
  • March Break and Summer Camp Info
  • Go for a Hike
  • Picture Tips and Tricks


Re-enrolment emails have been going out over the last couple of days (check your inbox). Please submit your re-enrolment by Friday, February 3; we have a significant waiting list at all levels and those families are anxious to hear if spots will be available (lots of phone calls right now). Please just submit the form for now so we know what our numbers look like at each level; payment and signatures can happen later.Click here for a direct link to the enrolment form.As noted in your re-enrolment letter, we are asking everyone to please fill out a complete application/enrolment form this year (rather than a condensed re-enrolment). Our form has been updated with new information requests, some of which is mandated by new legislation and some of which helps us serve the children better. We also want to make sure we have complete, up-to-date information for everyone. Thank you.A couple of other notes and reminders:

  • Initial payment is due March 1. Between now and then, please drop in to the office to sign the hard copy of the enrolment forms and to drop off post-dated cheques. (But please submit the form by Feb. 3).
  • The relevant fee schedules for 2017.2018 were included with your re-enrolment email; they are also available under the "Fees and Forms" tab at
  • If you have a child who is moving to a new level, you are welcome to come and observe for part of a morning and get an understanding of how we educate at each subsequent level. Please contact Holly at to make an appointment.

Thank you for continuing to choose DVMS and Montessori education for your children. It is through your commitment to our shared vision of a community-based school that all of these children are thriving. At DVMS, we take a lot of pride in being committed both to excellence in Montessori education and to being accessible. We remain the most affordable, high quality, CCMA accredited Montessori program in Ontario.

Elementary Activities:

  • Lower Elementary: Lower Elementary students have a choice of Friday skating activities and karate this term. The children have chosen the activities they want to participate in (we can let you know if there is any doubt or confusion)

Karate: Children not participating in a skating activity will take part in karate, at DVMS, with Gord Waddell of United Family Martial Arts. Gord has been teaching karate at DVMS for a number of years. Children should wear or bring loose fitting/easy to move in clothing on karate days.

Skating: The skating activities will be broken into hockey skating and skills for the first three weeks, and figure skating skills for the last three weeks. Each child will choose either the hockey skating activity or the figure skating activity. When children are not participating in one of the skating activities, they will participate in karate.They will skate at Grightmire Arena, just down the street, and will walk there and back. They will be on the ice from 2:00-3:00. Parents are welcome to come watch, and help tie skates.
  • Hockey will take place on the following Fridays: Jan. 13, 27, and Feb. 3.
    • Hockey participants will be learning from former DVMS Lower Elementary guide Rob Baker and DVMS Dad Graham Taylor — both very experienced hockey players. Kids will need skates, a stick, helmet with facemask, hockey gloves, shin pads, and elbow pads. Most of the children who chose hockey already play and have equipment, but if your child wants to participate and you do not have certain items, the DVMS community has very generously stepped up and donated an abundance of items for children to use. Thank you so much to all of the families that brought in equipment for the kids to use.
  • Figure skating will take place on the following Fridays: Feb 10, 24, and March 3 (February 17 is a PD Day).
    • Figure skating participants will be learning from DVMS Montessori Mom Amanda Graydon — a former competiitve figure skater. Figure skaters will require a CSA certified helmet (no bike helmets please), as well as splash pants or joggers. From Amanda, “I find snow pants are hard to move in on the ice, but if they don’t have splash pants, snow pants for sure. Thin socks, nylons, or bare feet. Thick socks actually make their feet colder. I have a bin of small sized skates (both hockey & figure) I can lend. If buying skates, try to buy used if you can, saves any blisters for your little ones. Let someone else do the breaking in of the skates! Have the new-to-ice skaters practice walking on carpet at home in their skates to help them get used to the feeling of a thin blade (safely, of course). The younger/new-to-ice skaters (ages 2-4) can bring a favourite stuffy to skate with. Can’t have any ‘loose’ items that come off. If parents want to accompany, please wear skates.” We also recommend gloves be worn on the ice.

  • Upper Elementary: Upper Elementary students will be curling at the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club on Friday, Jan. 27, and continuing on Feb. 3 and 10. They will be bussed to and from the curling club. They will need a clean pair of running shoes (dirt and grit free very important) to be carried into the club each time (their gym shoes will suffice), clothing they can stretch out in, a few layers, and mitts or gloves if they want to keep their hands warm. The curling club will provide sliders and brooms.

But wait, there's more:

  • Strata Summit: We are thrilled to let you all know that Strata Montessori Adolescent School has been chosen as one of 8 programs worldwide to host an Adolescent Summit from Wednesday April 19th through Saturday April 22nd.Inspired by Maria Montessori’s concept of the social characteristic of the child, a summit asks a group of adolescents to come together from far and wide and, through research, interviews, and discussions, inform themselves of, and consider, a worldwide issue through the lens of a specific community. Furthermore, it asks them to develop a realistic plan of action that can be taken back to their community and implemented. The group as a whole is asked to develop a manifesto which is to be presented at the International Montessori Congress in Prague this summer!We are preparing our summit around the issue of Food Security, how it affects communities, and what local actors are doing to overcome it. As well as our own Strata students, we are preparing to host a small group of visiting students (15-20) to come and work alongside us within our community. If possible, please consider supporting this undertaking by offering to host a visiting student.

  • Uppers at Cafe: You may have seen them there today -- groups of year 6 Upper Elementary children will be shadowing at the Strata Cafe for the next month. This is in preparation for them to take over the small business when the Strata drama production is taking place from March 1 to 4. It is also a great opportunity for the DVMS students to get a taste of student life at Strata in preparation for their transition next year.

  • Advance Planning: Just a heads up -- Friday, Feb. 17 is a PD Day. It is the Family Day long weekend, so there is no school on the Monday, Feb. 20 statutory holiday.

  • Pick-Up Reminder: We are working to have our staggered pick-up run smoothly to ease congestion for everyone. Elementary parents, please do not use the playground doors to go to classrooms to pick up before 3:45. This is also the area where the toddler children get their coats on, so we need to keep it clear. If you need to pick up earlier on occasion, please let us know and we will have your child meet you in the foyer.

  • March Break and Summer Camps:
  • March Break Camps will take place during the second week of March Break (March 20-24).

Tina Destro (formerly of Dundas Valley School of Art) will be running an Art Camp for both Lower and Upper Elementary students. Tina has run many camps for us over the years, both here and at DVSA.

DVMS Upper Elementary guide Kathleen MacKinnon will host a Casa camp. Kathleen has many years of experience running camps, both here and internationally.

  • Summer Camps: There will be 9 weeks of Casa camps this summer. Each fun-filled week will have its own theme and will be staffed by DVMS Montessori trained staff. Children must have completed their first year of Casa to attend the camps (due to the new Child Care and Early Years Act legislation we told you about earlier this year).

Registration for March Break camps will be available soon. More information and registration for summer camps will be available after March Break.

Fun Family Events:

Once again, doesn't seem to be much going on in terms of special events for kids and families this weekend. Hopefully the cooler weather freezes up the mud and you can get out to hike and adventure on some of our incredible trails.

  • Know of any fun family events coming up that our Montessori community would enjoy? Let us know.

Enjoy some pictures from this week. If you see your child in any of them, use it as a starting point for a conversation about what they do at school. Ask questions such as:
  • "Oh, what job are you doing here?"
  • "How does that job work? What do you have to do?"
  • "You were baking/cooking this week? Is that related to a project or something you're learning about?" / "Want to make it with me at home?"