Events and Info: Dec. 12 - 16, 2016, at Dundas Valley Montessori School

dsc_3514Good afternoon DVMS community. Here's what we have for you this week:A repeat of the Holiday Concert info (this will be here next week too for handy reference at this busy time of year).Elementary trips to a play on Monday and Tuesday, plus more dancing. With pictures!Adorable times with the Toddlers.Strata wants your old computers.Parks Canada passes. For free!Cold weather and cancellation info.A licensing update.Chicken Pox!Ongoing holiday food and toy drives.New DVMS clothing.A Parent Education Night.And finally, info on how to get into the Victorian spirit in Hamilton. And fireworks!

Holiday Concert

Only a couple more weeks now. The Holiday Concert will take place on Friday, December 23. There is no school that day (the last full day of school is Thursday, Dec. 22).Children should be dropped off at DVMS between 8:45-9:00 on Friday, Dec.23, when they will go to their Montessori environments to get ready and run any last minute rehearsals.

  • Parents are invited to stay at DVMS to browse the Strata Market and enjoy some delectables from their Café.
  • The big show will run from 9:30 to 10:30ish, after which Strata will re-open their Café for last-minute treats and chats before we head off for the winter break.
  • If you or your child is not able to attend the concert this year, please let your child’s Montessori guides know.
  • There is no school or performance for Toddler Community children this day, but they are invited to come with you  to watch.
  • We are back on January 9 this year (well, next year).

Elementary Activities:

  • Snow Queen: Lower and Upper Elementary children will be attending a performance of “Snow Queen” at Hamilton Academy of the Performing Arts — our old church school — at 108 Park St. W., in Dundas, on either Monday or Tuesday. The children will walk to and from the performance and will have lunch a half-hour earlier on the day they go. They will be back at DVMS for regular dismissal.
    • Lower Elementary children will attend the performance on Monday, December 12.
    • Upper Elementary children will attend the performance on Tuesday, December 13.

  • Breaking News -- More Dancing!: The Uppers have been having so much fun dancing with Chimira Andres we're doing it for two more weeks and including the Lower Elementary classes.
    • Upper Elementary students will continue to dance on Friday afternoons;
    • Lower Elementary classes will dance on Friday mornings, from 9:15 - 11:15. (For Lower families' information, Chimira is a 3rd-year Integrated Science student at McMaster who is also a captain on the Mac dance team, has been the senior dance instructor for a 4-16-year-old City of Mississauga dance program, and is a Contemporary Dance Artist with the Parahumans Dance Company.)

We captured a few photos during the Lower's first dance class Friday morning:[gallery ids="12692,12693,12694,12695,12696,12697" type="slideshow"]

But wait, there's more:

  • Toddler Community Holiday Tea and Sing-a-Long: Toddler Community parents and members are invited to the Toddler Community for an informal sing-a-long and holiday snack on Friday, Dec. 16, from 2:45-3:45. An invitation was sent to all Toddler Community families. Please RSVP if you haven't already done so. A reminder from the Toddler guides: “We are very excited to see everyone at this event. Please remember that due to the size of the classroom we can only accommodate parents and the children from the Toddler Community." We'll definitely try to get some adorable pictures!

  • Let Strata Clean Out Your Old Junk: Specifically, any old computers you may have laying around gathering dust. They are dismantling them for a reclaimed/recycled art project (we will remove and destroy hard drives for you). If you have any you can donate, please email Attn: Sebastian.

For all of 2017 this pass gives you unlimited opportunities to enjoy National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas and National Historic Sites across the country!

  • No Knit Mitts Please: Now that there is snow on the ground and the temperatures have dipped, we just want to remind you again to please avoid knit or fabric mittens or gloves. They get wet almost instantly and make little hands even more cold. Thank you. (Toques, snowpants, and winter boots are also essential items this time of year.)

  • Snow Days and Cold Weather Alerts: Speaking of snow and cold weather, a reminder for some and info for others: if there is a snow day, we will communicate that to you as early as we can in the mornings via email, "Home" page, Facebook, and Twitter. DVMS takes advantage of the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board process, which tries to post cancellation notices by 6:00 a.m. If HWDSB closes, so does DVMS. Children stay inside for recess when the air temperature is -15 C or the windchill hits -20 C. These are the guidelines by which the Hamilton Medical Officer of Health issues a cold weather alert; otherwise, we will be outside for recess every day in the winter. Dress warm!

  • We Passed!: Remember a couple of weeks ago when there were no photos because we were undergoing our licensing renewal? Well, we've heard back and we are allowed to stay open and continue to serve your children. Yay! (There was never any doubt, just a bit more work this year with the new legislation coming into effect).

Once you have been exposed to the virus it stays in your body without causing the illness. This is called the incubation period. • The incubation period is 10 to 21 days (average of 14 to 16 days). This period may be longer if you have a weak immune system. After the incubation period, symptoms of chicken pox appear. • Symptoms of chickenpox include: • itchy rash over the body (common areas are the face, hands, neck, arms and legs) • rash starts out as small red spots then changes to clear water blisters • fever • headache • tiredness • not hungry • Blisters will burst, dry up, and scab over in 3 to 4 days. • The rash can be present in different stages on the body. What this means is that there could be some blisters and some scabs at the same time. • Chickenpox is contagious for 1 to 2 days before the rash begins and until all the sores are crusted over. People with a weak immune system might be contagious for a longer period of time.

  • Food and Toy Drives Ongoing: Just a reminder that the Lower Elementary Holiday Food Drive and the Upper Elementary Holiday Toy Drive are both ongoing. The toy drive goes until next Friday, Dec. 16 (they need to be dropped, sorted, and distributed), and the food drive until Wed., Dec. 21. New, unwrapped toys, and non-perishable, nut free food items please. Thank you DVMS community; if what has been dropped off so far is an indication we are going to surpass previous years. You're awesome!

  • New DVMS Apparel Coming: We have been working on new DVMS clothing for a while now -- more than just t-shirts -- and there will be samples on display in the foyer next week. Check 'em out.

  • January 11, 2017, Parent Education Night: Something to add to the calendar for the new year: we will be holding a Parent Education Night on Wednesday, January 11. This event -- "Montessori Outcomes" -- will run from 5:30-7:00, childcare will be available, and there will be wine and hors d'ouvres. Save the date!

Fun Family Events:

Christmas has arrived at Westfield. We will be open on Saturdays, December 3, 10, and 17 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the door for this unique Christmas experience. There will be fireworks each evening at 6:30 p.m. (weather permitting) and a carol sing in the church following the fireworks. The buildings are decorated and the costumed interpreters are eager to celebrate the season with visitors.

  • Westfield is also open this Sunday, Dec. 11, for "Christmas in the Country":

Experience an old-fashioned Christmas for the whole family and celebrate the season where traditions of an earlier time are brought to life. Enjoy carol singing, Father Christmas, crafts, children’s activities and sample fresh made bread. Seasonal refreshments available at the restaurant, candies at the Confectionery and one-of-a-kind shopping at the Gift Shop.This is a Free Admission Day, sponsored by Rocca Sisters and Associates.Sunday. Dec 11, 2016 12:30 pm - 4:00 pmWestfield Heritage Village, 1049 Kirkwall Road, Rockton, On

  • You can also get into the Victorian spirit at Dundurn Castle:

Enjoy the beauty of a mid-19th century family Christmas celebration at Dundurn Castle. The Garden Club of Hamilton decorates the Castle in Victorian splendor with cedar boughs, ribbons and dried flowers. Bring your family and share a Hamilton holiday tradition.12– 4 pm (Tuesday to Sunday) | November 27, 2016 to January 08, 2017Adults: $11.50, Seniors/Youth: $9.50, Children: $6.00, Infants: Free, Family: $30.00

  • Know of any fun family events coming up that our Montessori community would enjoy? Let us know.

Alright, here's the good stuff:[gallery ids="12700,12701,12702,12703,12704,12705,12706,12707,12708,12709,12710,12711,12712,12713,12714,12715,12717,12718,12719,12720,12721,12722,12723,12724,12725,12726,12727,12728,12729,12730,12731,12732,12733,12735,12737,12739,12741,12744,12734,12736,12738,12740,12742,12745,12747,12743,12746,12748,12749,12750,12751,12752,12753,12754,12755,12756,12758,12757,12759,12760,12761,12762,12763,12764,12765,12766,12767,12768" type="slideshow"]