Events and Info: Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, 2016, at Dundas Valley Montessori School

screenshot2015-01-07at9-55-03pmSorry DVMS community, we have no pictures for you this week. As you know from our email asking for your work addresses, DVMS has been undergoing a license renewal process this week and it is the first renewal for us under new legislation, so we've been busy with all sorts of new and wonderful policy development and compliance requirements that have come into effect or are coming into effect over the next year. Kind of dry and boring stuff -- not even close to being as joyful as taking pictures of your kids -- but a great update to make child care centres across Ontario better places for children.For your information, what used to be called the Daycare Nurseries Act is now called the Child Care and Early Years Act. Since Montessori children begin school at a young age, we fall under the requirements of this legislation.If you haven't had a chance to complete the work address form yet, please click here and do so. This is one of the new requirements for us to include with student files and contacts.If you're starved for Montessori due to the lack of photos, don't forget about the Elementary Montessori Workshops on Thursday, December 1. Lower and Upper Elementary parents (and any Casa parents that want to sneak in) should go directly to their child's Montessori rooms at 3:30 and the workshop will run until 4:00. As always, childcare is available on the playground during the workshops. This workshop is part 2 of a series that began at the last workshop. This time your Elementary Montessori guides will discuss "Characteristics of an Elementary Child - at Home."

Germs and Bugs

Besides no pictures, we have more not good news!There have been a few diagnosed cases of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD) over the past week, and in one case it developed into something new to us called Herpangina. (No, it's not what you think, but go ahead, take a minute to giggle).From Sick Kids:

Herpangina is an infection caused by a virus. It causes small red spots to appear at the back of the mouth. These spots then become little fluid-filled sacs (vesicles) that quickly pop, leaving small ulcers or sores. The ulcers are very small, only about 2 to 4 millimetres wide (about 1/8 of an inch). They can be very painful and may cause your child to refuse food and water.Both herpangina and hand-foot-and-mouth disease are caused by a virus from the same family. There is no treatment against this virus.The spots and ulcers in both illnesses will go away on their own within 10 days.

Click here for the full information sheet from Sick Kids.Click here for information on Hand, Foot, and Mouth from the Canadian Paediatric Society.From our experience, HFMD is a tricky one because children are contagious before symptoms appear. What we are seeing in this round is children having a fever and flu-like symptoms initially. (For even more giggles, you may enjoy the fact that HFMD is caused by the Coxsackie virus. I'm not making this stuff up, I swear).

Ready for more? How about some head lice?Yep, those little jerks made a re-appearance yesterday. We're checking and if we find lice, you'll get the sigh-inducing phone call. Please take a look over the weekend, and remember not to share toques now that the weather's cold.From Hamilton Public Health (click arrow in bottom right corner to expand and/or download):

Elementary Activities:

The week of Nov. 28-Dec. 2 is the last week of activities for both Lower and Upper Elementary students until we return from the holiday break.

  • Lower Elementary Swimming and Gymnastics:
    • Swimming: students will be walking to and from the Dundas pool where they will participate in swimming lessons. They will return to DVMS in time for 3:45 dismissal. Each class is divided into two groups based on swimming ability and are guided in swimming instruction by the pool staff. Please ensure that children bring a swimsuit that they can put on and take off themselves, a towel, and goggles and/or nose plugs as they desire and/or require. Please make sure goggles are adjusted to fit. The swimming activity is also more enjoyable for children if they are wearing clothing they can change in and out of without assistance, and if their swim gear is carried in a bag they are able to easily and securely carry themselves. 
    • Gymnastics:  students will be bussed to and from the Hamilton Gymnastics Academy in Ancaster. From the gym:

The kids will have the opportunity to learn gymnastics at a fully equipped gym with certified gymnastic instructors. Kids will be on Floor, Trampoline, Tumble Trak (50ft long trampoline) as well as mini trampoline and beam. They will learn safe landing positions, as well as basic gymnastics. Kids should wear shorts and t-shirt to the gym, have hair tied back and no jewellery (stud earrings are fine, no hoops or dangly earrings); no bare feet in the gym.

  • The children will swim on either Monday or Friday, and gymnastics will also be on Fridays. We have made up a handy schedule you can print out and stick on the fridge (click on the “Open in new tab” arrow at the bottom right corner to expand and download):

  • Upper Elementary Dance: Upper Elementary students will begin a dance program, at DVMS, on Friday, November 18, and continue on Fri., Nov. 25, and Fri., Dec. 2. They will be led in dance by Chimira Andres, a 3rd-year Integrated Science student at McMaster who is also a captain on the Mac dance team, has been the senior dance instructor for a 4-16-year-old City of Mississauga dance program, and is a Contemporary Dance Artist with the Parahumans Dance Company. Upper students will dance with their class on Friday afternoons and should wear or bring appropriate, loose clothing. They will need indoor gym shoes for this activity.

But wait, there's more:

  • A Request from Strata: The adolescent kids at Strata are starting a few new projects and are wondering if anyone would like to relieve the household clutter a bit by donating:
    • A free piano! "One of those junkers that doesn’t stay in tune and nobody wants but it was great aunt Myrtles so we can’t just throw it away!" says Strata guide Chris.
    • An electric griddle and/or an old crock pot (both to be used for preparing paints).

If you have any of those items and are willing to donate them, please contact Chris Marks at you.

Fun Family Events:

Sunday, November 27, 1:00-4:00.Celebrating the National Day of the Child, this special open house event welcomes families, and visitors of all ages.  Annual Family Day is an opportunity to explore art, culture, and more.  We will have story time in the galleries, hands-on art-making and a very special musical performance to end the day, all free!1:00pm Drop-in art-making activities for the whole family3:00pm Reading by Gary Barwin in the AGH exhibiiton space The Living Room3:30pm Performance by The Lone Rhubarbarian & Friends: Caitlin Fralick, Steve McKay, Amber Mills and Michael Rode.Free Admission

  • Shrek: the Musical: Speaking of entertainers you may know, our elementary kids had a great time watching Upper Elementary East Montessori guide Terrence perform in this version Shrek. Performances are ongoing. Click here for info and tickets.
  • Know of any fun family events coming up that our Montessori community would enjoy? Let us know.

Sorry for such a crummy, bad news, no-picture "Events and Info" (other than the Family Events, those look cool). Next week will be better.