Events and Info: Nov. 14 - 18, 2016, at Dundas Valley Montessori School captured a few video clips of your kids in action this week. Above is Casa North having some fun during gym time with a parachute and the sun. Toddler Community child is demonstrating a degree of focus and concentration one might not expect from a child so young, but that they are more than capable of calling on when allowed to work at something until they figure it out. #Montessori riddles? This DVMS Montessori Casa child has written and illustrated some riddles to emulate an in-class activity., we know children are not always the most forthcoming about what they are learning or working on at school, so here's a quick scan of one of our Lower Elementary environment's white boards from this week.

Show Me Day

Our annual Show Me Day event is coming up on Friday, November 18. This is a chance for you to spend part of a morning with your children in their Montessori environments. During your 20-minute visit, they will show you some of their favourite Montessori jobs and/or some of their favourite pieces of work they have completed or are working on this year. This is always a very exciting day for the children as they have the opportunity to show you the little worlds they have created for themselves.Parents of Casa and Lower Elementary children, please click here to select your child’s Montessori environment and a timeslot.Parents of Upper Elementary children, both Upper Elementary Montessori environments will be open for drop in visits from 9:00-11:00. No need to sign up, but please try to stick to a 20-minute-ish visit!

Elementary Activities:

  • Lower Elementary Swimming and Gymnastics:

Please Note: This is the week the Lower Elementary classes switch their activity days:

Starting Monday, Nov. 14, Lower South (Noeleen/Joanna) will swim on Mondays and go to gymnastics on Fridays.

Starting on Friday, Nov. 18, Lower North (Jodi/Carol) will swim every Friday (gymnastics is finished for Lower North).

  • Swimming: students will be walking to and from the Dundas pool where they will participate in swimming lessons. They will return to DVMS in time for 3:45 dismissal. Each class is divided into two groups based on swimming ability and are guided in swimming instruction by the pool staff. Please ensure that children bring a swimsuit that they can put on and take off themselves, a towel, and goggles and/or nose plugs as they desire and/or require. Please make sure goggles are adjusted to fit. The swimming activity is also more enjoyable for children if they are wearing clothing they can change in and out of without assistance, and if their swim gear is carried in a bag they are able to easily and securely carry themselves.

The kids will have the opportunity to learn gymnastics at a fully equipped gym with certified gymnastic instructors. Kids will be on Floor, Trampoline, Tumble Trak (50ft long trampoline) as well as mini trampoline and beam. They will learn safe landing positions, as well as basic gymnastics. Kids should wear shorts and t-shirt to the gym, have hair tied back and no jewellery (stud earrings are fine, no hoops or dangly earrings); no bare feet in the gym.

  • The children will swim on either Monday or Friday, and gymnastics will also be on Fridays. We have made up a handy schedule you can print out and stick on the fridge (click on the “Open in new tab” arrow at the bottom right corner to expand and download):

  • Upper Elementary Dance: Upper Elementary students will begin a dance program, at DVMS, on Friday, November 18, and continuing on Fri., Nov. 25, and Fri., Dec. 2. They will be led in dance by Chimira Andres, a 3rd-year Integrated Science student at McMaster who is also a captain on the Mac dance team, has been the senior dance instructor for a 4-16-year-old City of Mississauga dance program, and is a Contemporary Dance Artist with the Parahumans Dance Company. Upper students will dance with their class on Friday afternoons and should wear or bring appropriate, loose clothing. They will need indoor gym shoes for this activity.

But wait, there's more:

  • Elementary Hockey Tournament: Our Elementary students are organizing a hockey tournament for Thursday, November 17. Upper and Lower Elementary children who sign up should bring helmets w/facemask, hockey gloves (if they have them), and sticks. They are charging a $1 entry fee with funds to go to the Upper Elementary charity fund. They will be playing 4-on-4, five minute games, in the gym, during recess.

  • Remembrance Day: A few shots from our Elementary students' visit to the Dundas Legion Remembrance Day ceremony today:

[gallery ids="11850,11851,11852,11853,11854,11868" type="slideshow"]

  • Lost and Found: The cold mornings and warm afternoons have resulted in a fairly full lost and found in the foyer. Please find a moment to take a look for missing coats, sweaters, hats, mitts, lunch bags, water bottles, rubber boots, pants, hair bands and clips, -- you name it, we got it. At the end of each term, we donate whatever unlabeled items remain in the lost and found to local charities.

Fun Family Events:

  • Chantal Kreviazuk: One for you parents ('cuz there doesn't seem to be much going on this weekend on the family-oriented front, unless you like church bazaars -- lots of those right now). A number of years ago, Chantal performed at DVMS for one of our fundraising concerts. She is performing this Sunday, November 13, at the Studio in Hamilton. Hope there are still tickets left. (Click here for more Chantal.)

  • Watch your Parent Peers Sing: Join Lower Elementary French specialist, Michael Rode, as he conducts his choir, The Hamilton Choir Project, in a cozy fireside concert at Strata Montessori School on November 23 at 8:00 p.m.! Hamilton Choir Project is a group of 14 experienced singers and includes several DVMS parents. They will be singing a variety of songs including pop, contemporary choral, folk, and more. Although older children are welcome to attend, the event is designed with adults in mind. Strata students will be selling delicious baked goods, and tea. All admission is by donation, and part of the proceeds will be donated to Strata!


  • Know of any fun family events coming up that our Montessori community would enjoy? Let us know.

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