Events and Info: Nov. 7 - 11, 2016, at Dundas Valley Montessori School


Show Me Day

Our annual Show Me Day event is coming up on Friday, November 18. This is a chance for you to spend part of a morning with your children in their Montessori environments. During your 20-minute visit, they will show you some of their favourite Montessori jobs and/or some of their favourite pieces of work they have completed or are working on this year. This is always a very exciting day for the children as they have the opportunity to show you the little worlds they have created for themselves.Parents of Casa and Lower Elementary children, please click here to select your child's Montessori environment and a timeslot.Parents of Upper Elementary children, both Upper Elementary Montessori environments will be open for drop in visits from 9:00-11:00. No need to sign up, but please try to stick to a 20-minute-ish visit!

Remembrance Day:

img_0950Every year, our Lower and Upper Elementary Montessori children attend the Dundas Legion Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Dundas Community Centre cenotaph. This is just down the street from DVMS and your elementary children will walk down, attend the ceremony, and return to DVMS in time for lunch. The schedule is as follows:

  • Parade falls in at 10:15 a.m. at Memorial Square/Dundas Firehall
  • Parade at 10:30 a.m.
  • Service at 10:45 a.m.

Please be sure to check the weather forecast on the morning of Friday, Nov. 11, and make sure elementary children have appropriate outdoor clothing; they will be outside for just over an hour. In the past, parents have met us there to view the ceremony with their children; you are more than welcome.

Elementary Activities:

  • Lower Elementary Swimming and Gymnastics: 
    • Swimming: students will be walking to and from the Dundas pool where they will participate in swimming lessons. They will return to DVMS in time for 3:45 dismissal. Each class is divided into two groups based on swimming ability and are guided in swimming instruction by the pool staff. Please ensure that children bring a swimsuit that they can put on and take off themselves, a towel, and goggles and/or nose plugs as they desire and/or require. Please make sure goggles are adjusted to fit. The swimming activity is also more enjoyable for children if they are wearing clothing they can change in and out of without assistance, and if their swim gear is carried in a bag they are able to easily and securely carry themselves.


    • Gymnastics: There is no gymnastics on Friday, Nov. 11. 


    • The children will swim on either Monday or Friday, and gymnastics will also be on Fridays. We have made up a handy schedule you can print out and stick on the fridge (click on the “Open in new tab” arrow at the bottom right corner to expand and download): Please Note: the Lower Elementary classes switch their activity days starting Nov. 14.

  • Upper Elementary Parkour: Upper Elementary students will be learning parkour on Friday, Oct. 14, 21, 28, and Nov. 11, with the fine folks from Play Project. Parkour will take place out of DVMS (no drop-offs, pick-ups, or bus times to keep track of). Students will be split into groups of 12 and will participate in turn throughout the day. (Nov. 11 will be a half-day parkour day as the kids will be at the Dundas Remembrance Day ceremony in the morning). Please make sure they wear or bring appropriate outdoor physical activity attire on parkour days. If it’s raining, they will be in the gym.

But wait, there's more:

  • Shalyn's Back!: This past week, Shalyn returned to DVMS after taking a year off on maternity leave. In a bit of fortuitous baby timing, Shalyn returns just in time to take over for Stef in Casa East, who as you know headed off on maternity leave a few weeks ago and, as you might not all know, gave birth to baby Thomas on Oct.21. Congratulations Stef, and welcome back Shalyn!

  • Children's Winter Clothing: It's the time of year when we are all buying new winter coats, snowpants, and boots for our children. When shopping for your child, please help set them up for success by ensuring they can put their winter attire on and take it off with no to minimal assistance (this is especially important for younger children's recess bathroom trips -- as you know, they often wait until it's urgent). Children most often struggle with coat zippers, snowpants with shoulder straps, and boots with tricky fastening systems (such as straps or laces that need to be threaded). Also, another reminder to please avoid fabric or knit gloves and mittens; they will get wet and little hands end up cold.

  • Parking Lot Courtesy: We have been receiving complaints and concerns from your fellow DVMS parents again recently about actions in the parking lot. There have been some near misses and inconsiderate parking. Please slow down and take your time in the parking lot and on the neighbourhood streets. Again, a few things we ask to minimize congestion and maintain safety at drop-off and pick-up:
    • Please do not park at the end of the lot so that your car is blocking the entry/exit.
    • Please do not park along the fence where the no parking signs are.
    • Please drop elementary children off a few blocks from the school so they can walk in. This is a childhood experience many of our children miss out on; if you are concerned, shoot us a phone call or email and we'll happily confirm they are safely at school.
    • Elementary pick-up is at 3:45. If you have children in the elementary program (even with siblings in Casa), please do not plan to arrive at DVMS until 3:45. This way, the Casa kids can be picked up and on their way and there will be less congestion. (Alternatively, send us an email permitting us to let your elementary children dismiss themselves and meet you at a pre-arranged spot such as the greenspace at Central Park and Chegwin or a nearby intersection).
    • When exiting the parking lot at drop-off and pick-up, please always turn right when leaving the parking lot. Kemp Dr. loops right back around to Central Park.

Thank you, everybody, for your cooperation in helping to make sure all of our children are safe and we all have a little less stress in our days.

Fun Family Events:

  • Nutcracker: One of your fellow Montessori parents has let us know that two DVMS students are performing in the Nutcracker this year at the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre at Mohawk College. You can see them in the roles of bakers and hobby horses. This is a great event for the whole family and there are three performances of the Nutcracker in December:

Arts Dundas Weekend is a Family orientated Fun filled weekend promoting the arts. Each year, since 1986, the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas has coordinated Arts Dundas Weekend, a festival celebrating the visual, literal and performing arts in the community. ADW is organized in collaboration with other local, non-profit groups and brings hundreds of visitors to town annually. This year we are looking forward to creating another successful event filled with music, art exhibitions, competitions, dancing, and much more.

  • Raffi 40th Anniversary Tour, Sunday, Nov. 6:

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Raffi’s first and still best-selling album, "Singable Songs for the Very Young."  These family concerts will include versatile musician Ken Whiteley, who co-produced Singable Songs with Raffi in 1976.

There are two performances on Sunday: 1:00 p.m and 4:30 p.m. Tickets will sell fast for this.

  • Know of any fun family events coming up that our Montessori community would enjoy? Let us know.

Hope the PD Day turns into a great long weekend for everybody. See you Monday.Hey! Look, super-cute kids doin' stuff and learnin' things: