Events and Info: June 20 - 24 at Dundas Valley Montessori School Montessori Elementary girls have been working on this acrobatics routine for the last few weeks at recess and asked if we could now film it for your viewing pleasure. Oh, the young and flexible... (and the third years helping the first years).

Year-End Gifts:

This year, in lieu of year-end teacher gifts, DVMS staff would appreciate a donation, in the amount you may have spent on a gift, to help Serena through her ongoing cancer treatment process.We have set up a GoFundMe page for donations.Thank you.

DVMS Family BBQ:

The DVMS Family BBQ is our annual end of the year fun fest. It will take place on Friday, June 24, this year and begins at 10:00 a.m. (The last regular full day of school is Thursday, June 23. Don't forget to check the lost and found -- remaining items will be donated at the end of the school year).If you will be attending with your family, we ask that you enjoy the extra time to sleep in and have another coffee as we will be setting up earlier in the morning and the playground will not be safe or suitable for children during the set up process; also, there will not be staff available to supervise children in the school. Please do not drop children off for the event (in the past, parents that can't attend have made arrangements with another family to bring and supervise children).As always, we will have a range of fun activities: dunk tank, sno-cones, popcorn, and new this year -- a tube slide!Strata will also have a modified cafe, and a market liquidation  clearance-salePlease keep an eye on the weather and dress/prepare accordingly. There will be opportunities to get wet, so bathing suits make great attire, and a towel is often handy. This is a fair-weather event so, sadly, if it’s raining it’s cancelled.We will have water available, but please bring reusable water bottles. Also bring any other picnic food, blankets, chairs, umbrellas, etc., that you would like.We will be BBQing burgers and sausages from Morden's Organic Farm, one of our tremendous DVMS families, and we will also have veggie burgers and dogs, and watermelon available. Food will be pay-what-you-can.Master BBQ chef and DVMS Dad Rick Golarz will fire up the BBQs about 10:30. If anyone would like to volunteer to show off their BBQin' skills and flip a few burgs with Rick during the day, your help will be greatly appreciated. Just let us know.We will be cooking throughout the event, so please don't feel the need to line up as soon as the first items are ready.We try to make this a fun community event with as little structure as possible. Feel free to wander and pitch in as you feel fit. It is just a nice time for us all to get together at the end of the year to enjoy each other's company, see each other off for the summer, and for us to say thank you to you for committing to DVMS, Strata, and Montessori education. We generally start to pack things up around 2:00, but in the past we have left a few families sitting under the trees as we pull away, which is always a sign of a wonderful community event.We really hope you can make it.

Summer Camps:

Thank you to all of you who have signed up for summer camps; it's looking to be one of our busiest camp summers ever. If you still want to sign your Casa-aged child up for summer camp, you can do so right here. A few weeks are full and have been removed from the registration form, and a few other weeks are getting close (they will be removed as options as they fill up).Payment for camps was due June 15. If you still need to drop off payment please do so before the end of the school year (Thursday!).We will put a link to the camp page on the "Home" page during the summer months for mid-summer sign-ups. Things to remember for summer camp kids:

  • a daily snack and packed lunch (litterless and no nuts, please).
  • Fridays will be BBQ lunch day (Hot Dogs and Veggie Dogs).
  • sunscreen, hats, water bottles, and no open-toed sandals please.

Elementary Activities:

All of the Elementary weekly activities are over for the year, but they're still busy.

  • Chicks: Last week we showed you a few pictures of the freshly hatched and hatching chicks in one of our Lower Elementary environments. They have all hatched now and are happily cheeping away. If you look closely, you can see feathers starting to emerge from the fluff of the black one with the orange beak (the first one to hatch, now named "Earlybird").

  • Bake Sale!: Yep, they're still selling cookies for charity. Lower Elementary children will enjoy their final bake sale of the year during lunch on the last day of school, Thursday, June 23. They are raising money for the SPCA.
  • Campouts: Both Upper and Lower Elementary Montessori kids headed off on year-end camping trips this week. This is an annual end-of-year tradition and they always have a great time (in spite some occasional pre-trip jitters, from both kids and parents):

No, there isn't. There's no more. That's it. Have a great summer vacation DVMS community, and we'll see you September 6!