Events and Info: May 23 - 27 at Dundas Valley Montessori School

[gallery ids="8715,8716,8717,8718,8719,8720,8721,8722,8723,8724,8725,8726,8727,8728,8729,8730,8731,8732,8733" type="slideshow"]Remember, DVMS will be closed tomorrow, Friday May 20, for a PD Day, and on Monday, May 23, for Victoria Day.DVMS staff will be attending a day-long conference with Laura for area Montessori schools on Friday.

 See you all tonight for:

Flores Shaw at DVMS

Elementary Activities:

Lower Elementary Ultimate Frisbee: The DVMS Lower Elementary special physical activity program concludes for the 2015-2016 school year with Ultimate Frisbee, at DVMS. They will enjoy Ultimate on Monday and Friday afternoons. Your child will know which group they are in — Monday or Friday — but please help them remember to wear or bring appropriate outdoor athletic clothing on their Ultimate Frisbee days. Jacqueline Mills of the McMaster Ultimate Frisbee Team will be leading the children in their Ultimate adventures.Please Note: There will be no Ultimate Frisbee on Monday, May 23, due to the Victoria Day holiday.

Upper Elementary Tennis: The DVMS Upper Elementary special physical activity program concludes for the 2015-2016 school year at the Dundas Tennis Club located in Dundas Driving Park. The Uppers will play tennis on Fridays: May 6, 13, 27, and June 3.
  • Upper East (Terrence) Families, please drop off your children at Dundas Driving Park each morning on tennis days; DVMS staff will be there by 8:30. They will walk back to DVMS for lunch.
  • Upper West (Kathleen) Families, please pick up your children at Dundas Driving Park each afternoon on tennis days, at 3:00. Please let us know if you cannot pick up and we will arrange to carpool them back to DVMS. They will walk to Driving Park after lunch.
  • If children have a tennis racquet, please have them bring it along with appropriate footwear and clothing, and their water bottle. If you do not have a tennis racquet, DVMS has a number that children can use.

Many of you followed the year 6 Upper students' trip to the Montessori Model United Nations on our Facebook Page. They had a fabulous experience, but both they and their parents were very happy to be home:[gallery ids="8740,8741,8742,8743,8744,8745,8746,8747" type="slideshow"]

But wait, there's more:

  • Toddler Community Garden Party: The Toddlers will be hosting their parents and grandparents in their garden on Friday, May 27, from 2:45-3:45.

  • Bake Sale!: On Monday, June 6, from 3:30-4:00, some of our Upper Elementary students will be hosting a bake sale at the gate to raise money for Operation Smile. The students are looking for donations of baked goods. If you would like to spend some quality time baking with the kids over the weekend of June 4-5, they ask that donated goods be brought into the school on the morning of Monday, June 6. They also ask that if you are willing to bake to please let them know (you can email us at Remember, no nuts!

  • DVMS | Strata Benefit Soiree and Auction: This year's Strata benefit event is coming up. Take a look at the invite/announcement video made by our Upper Elementary Montessori students, and visit the event page to purchase tickets:

This week, we sent out an email asking for donations of items for the silent auction.

In the past, our auction has been very successful due to the generous donations of our families and local businesses. As you can imagine, the bulk of the funds raised come from this portion of the evening so we rely heavily on your donations. We are asking each family to make a donation to the silent auction or raffle. It can be a donation from your family personally or a donation from a business establishment.

Please bring your silent auction donations to the school by Friday, May 27. We will open up the auction on Monday, May 30. All donations can be brought to the office.

On behalf of all the staff and students of Strata Montessori (and DVMS), we thank you in advance for your donations and efforts to make this auction as successful as possible.

Finally, as promised, lots of photos of DVMS Montessori in action to get you through the long weekend. Have a great time everyone. Enjoy the beautiful weather and we'll see you on Tuesday.[gallery ids="8776,8777,8778,8779,8781,8783,8785,8788,8791,8794,8798,8801,8780,8782,8784,8787,8790,8786,8789,8793,8796,8800,8805,8815,8821,8826,8831,8834,8792,8795,8797,8802,8811,8820,8824,8830,8833,8799,8809,8818,8823,8829,8832,8835,8836,8837,8838,8839,8803,8813,8819,8825,8828,8808,8817,8822,8827,8804,8806,8807,8810,8812,8814,8816" type="slideshow"]