Events and Info: May 9 - 13 at Dundas Valley Montessori School

 [gallery ids="8188,8189,8190,8191,8192,8194,8196,8198,8200,8203,8206,8210,8213,8219,8225,8232,8238,8244,8193,8195,8197,8199,8202,8204,8209,8214,8218,8224,8229,8236,8201,8205,8208,8211,8216,8221,8227,8233,8240,8245,8248,8252,8255,8258,8260,8262,8264,8266,8268,8270,8271,8207,8212,8217,8222,8228,8234,8239,8243,8249,8215,8220,8226,8231,8237,8242,8247,8251,8254,8257,8223,8230,8235,8241,8246,8250,8253,8256,8259,8261,8263,8265,8267,8269" type="slideshow"]Grandparents on Friday and parents on Monday -- it was a busy couple of days at DVMS. There were so many smiles and so much laughter on both Grandparents' Day and Show Me Day. Your children were very excited to host their families, and we love giving you opportunities to get a glimpse into the Montessori environments that are your children's homes away from home. Enjoy the pictures above from Show Me Day, and we'll see you all in a couple of weeks for the Parent Education Guest Speaker -- more info below.

Parent Education Guest Speaker Laura Flores Shaw at DVMS Thursday, May 19:

Flores Shaw at DVMSWe are very excited to be bringing Laura Flores Shaw to Dundas Valley Montessori School on Thursday, May 19, from 7:00-8:30. Laura is an educator, a prolific writer, and a passionate Montessori advocate. Learn more about Laura here.DVMS will be closed on Friday, May 20, for a PD Day.DVMS staff will be attending a day-long conference with Laura for area Montessori schools.

Elementary Activities:

Lower Elementary Ultimate Frisbee: The DVMS Lower Elementary special physical activity program concludes for the 2015-2016 school year with Ultimate Frisbee, at DVMS, starting on Monday, May 2. They will enjoy Ultimate on Monday and Friday afternoons. Your child will know which group they are in — Monday or Friday — but please help them remember to wear or bring appropriate outdoor athletic clothing on their Ultimate Frisbee days. Jacqueline Mills of the McMaster Ultimate Frisbee Team will be leading the children in their Ultimate adventures.

Upper Elementary Year 6 Trip to Montessori Model United Nations: Our year six Upper Elementary Montessori students are leaving on Sunday for their trip to the Montessori Model United Nations. If you had a chance to see their displays and demonstrations on either Grandparents' or Show Me Day, you know how much work they have done in preparation. We are so excited for them! They have put so much into this experience, and it is sure to be a lifelong memory of a trip.Remember, year six parents, they need to be at DVMS by 1:30 on Sunday afternoon, May 8. They are expected to return by approximately 3:30 on Wednesday, May 11; they will let us know when they are about an hour away and we'll email you. Thank you so much, parents, for working with us this week to get all of the final details and paper work in order.
Upper Elementary Tennis: The DVMS Upper Elementary special physical activity program concludes for the 2015-2016 school year at the Dundas Tennis Club located in Dundas Driving Park. The Uppers will play tennis on May 6, 13, 27, and June 3.
  • Upper East (Terrence) Families, please drop off your children at Dundas Driving Park each morning on tennis days; DVMS staff will be there by 8:30. They will walk back to DVMS for lunch.
  • Upper West (Kathleen) Families, please pick up your children at Dundas Driving Park each afternoon on tennis days, at 3:00. Please let us know if you cannot pick up and we will arrange to carpool them back to DVMS. They will walk to Driving Park after lunch.
  • If children have a tennis racquet, please have them bring it along with appropriate footwear and clothing, and their water bottle. If you do not have a tennis racquet, DVMS has a number that children can use.

Upper Elementary Ultimate Frisbee Team: DVMS Upper Elementary students have the opportunity to join a DVMS Ultimate Frisbee team. They will be practising each Monday and Friday from 3:45-4:45. Jacqueline Mills of McMaster Ultimate will be coaching and teaching. There is a new youth league in Hamilton and we are hoping that some of the students will join. If there is enough interest, DVMS will be sponsoring a team. There is no better co-ed sport. Call Tony at the school if you would like more information.

But wait, there's more:

  • Thank you all for your support of our Strata Montessori Adolescent School students and all of the hard work they put into their performances of "What You Will" on Thursday. They worked so hard and put so much time and effort into the play, and we think you will all agree it was well worth it. Great job Strata kids! We're all so proud of you, and thank you for entertaining us. Enjoy some photos from the dress rehearsal and the shows:

[gallery ids="8319,8320,8321,8322,8323,8388,8389,8390,8391,8392,8393,8394,8395,8396,8397,8398,8399,8420,8440,8441,8442,8443,8444,8445,8446,8447,8448,8449,8450,8451,8452,8453,8454,8455,8456,8457,8458,8459,8460,8461,8462,8463,8464,8465,8466,8467,8468,8469,8470,8471,8472" type="slideshow"]

  • Operation Turn Right: Operation Drop OffOne of our parents has come up with a plan to help alleviate some of the traffic congestion at drop-off and pick-up. We are asking that everyone please only turn right when exiting the parking lot. Kemp Dr. loops back around to Central Park making it easy to exit the neighbourhood. Thank you for your cooperation everyone!


  • Freezer Meal Workshop: Holly is hosting a Freezer Meal Workshop on Sunday, May 15, at DVMS, from 1:00-3:00. We will be prepping food for freezer meals, one of which each participant will make for Serena. If you haven't signed up yet and would like to, and would like more information, please email  Holly at before Saturday morning. We would like to extend a large amount of gratitude to the entire DVMS community. You all stepped up more than we could imagine with offers of help for Serena and her family.

We've got lots of photos from lots of events this week instead of moments captured in the classrooms. We do have a few for you from this lovely, sunny Friday afternoon and the always adorable Toddler Community:[gallery ids="8514,8515,8516,8517,8518,8519,8520,8521,8522,8523" type="slideshow"]
  • Vote for Kate!: Voting is underway for Hamilton’s Music Teacher of the Year by People’s Choice, and our own Kate Quigley is nominated. Please vote for Kate:

Please click here to vote and look for:

  1. "Category 5. Music Teacher of the Year (Elementary)."
  2. Type "Kate Quigley" in the "Teacher Name” box.
  3. Type "Dundas Valley Montessori School" in the “School” box.

If your child also enjoys piano lessons with Kate, you can vote for her in Category 4. Music Teacher of the Year (Independent). Type "Kate Quigley" in the "Teacher Name" box (you can leave the "School" box empty).

In order to cast your vote, you also need to fill in Category 3. Canadian Recording of the Year by People's Choice. If you don't have a favourite, we think you should cast your vote for former DVMS music teacher and renowned Canadian artist, Terra Lightfoot - "Every Time My Mind Runs Wild".

Thanks for your support! Voting is underway and ends at midnight tonight!!

  • Skye is back!: As many of you saw this week, Skye has returned from maternity leave. It's been great to have her smilin' face and sly wit back in the office. If you have any questions regarding tuition and accounts, please email Skye directly at her new email address: (All other emails should still be directed to

Finally this week, Happy Mother's Day to all of our incredible Montessori Moms.Our Upper Elementary students hosted their annual Mother's Day Tea this week:[gallery ids="8484,8485,8486,8487,8488,8489,8490,8491,8492,8493,8494,8496,8497,8498,8499,8500,8501,8502,8503,8504,8505,8506,8507,8508" type="slideshow"]