Events and Info: Feb. 22 - 26 at Dundas Valley Montessori School

DSC_5556Hey, it was just like winter for a bit this week. Your Montessori kids at all levels had a great time in the snow. We took lots of pictures of their joyous fun; it's a big gallery this week -- a nice reward for reading all the way to the end.After the lovely days of snow, it got cold, and then it got unseasonably warm, again. Dressing children for the weather is challenging at best this year, but you are all doing a great job. Thank you for keeping an eye on the forecasts and making sure they have everything they need to stay warm and dry.Just a reminder that on top of coming in to sign the hard copies of your re-enrolment forms, payment or quarterly post-dates are due March 1. Thank you.

Casa Parent Workshop:

The next in our series of Casa Workshops is on Thursday, focusing on the Culture area of the Montessori environment. Every last Thursday of the month, from 3:30 - 4:00 pm, please come to your child’s Casa classroom for a brief but informative 30 minutes of parent education. We will discuss areas of the classroom and topics of interest related to Montessori at home. Siblings aged 2 ½ yrs+ may be dropped off in the playground to play for the half hour.DSC_5663

Elementary Activities:

Lower Elementary: Lower students are continuing to skate at Grightmire arena and do Zumba at DVMS until the first week of March.

  • Lower Elementary North (Jodi/Carol): has their final Zumba class this week.
    • When your child is participating in Zumba, please have them wear or bring appropriate clothing (same as for gymnastics). Thank you.
  • Lower Elementary South (Noeleen/Joanna): will skate this week.
  • Both classes will skate together on Friday, March 4.
    • When your child is skating, please ensure that their skates and helmet are in a bag that they can easily carry to and from the rink, and that skates are properly laced and easy for them to put on themselves. Please also note that the rink requires they wear a CSA approved helmet (look for the CSA sticker; they don’t deny kids with them, but they do frown and grumble a bit about children skating in bike helmets). A water bottle is great idea too. We can always use some extra hands to help get skates tied up, and parents are welcome to skate with us. Children will be at the rink by about 1:45 and will skate until 3:00.

Upper Elementary: Upper students have their last curling session at the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club, from 1:00-3:00, this week. They will need a clean pair of running shoes (dirt and grit free very important) to be carried into the club each time (their gym shoes will suffice), clothing they can stretch out in, a few layers, and mitts or gloves if they want to keep their hands warm. The curling club will provide sliders and brooms. Children will be transported to the curling club by school bus, but we are not able to charter a bus for their return trip. Please pick up children at the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club between 3:00-3:30 p.m. (see link above for directions; under “About Us”; it’s only 5 mins. from DVMS). If you are not able to pick up at that time, please let us know and we will carpool back to DVMS. Thank you.IMG_20160219_140446Montessori Model United Nations: As we told you a couple of "Event and Info" posts ago, our sixth year Upper Elementary students will be travelling to Fort Wayne, Indiana, on May  9-10 to participate in a Montessori Model United Nations experience. We have some more information for you:

But wait, there's more:

  • MS Read-a-thon: We are in the final days of the Elementary MS Read-a-thon drive. There's lots of reading going on and goals are close to being met (we are striving for $1000 this year). We often manage to exceed our goal and are hoping to do so  again this year. We encourage you to register with the school team online by clicking right here. Once that's done, it's easy to share your child's fundraising efforts with friends and family.
  • Casa summer camps:
    • We are changing up the Casa summer camps a bit this year. Upper Elementary guide Kathleen MacKinnon has had many years experience with summer experiences for children, including international travel, and has re-vamped our camps to offer a true day camp. Please visit our new Summer Camp Kaleidoscope page for details and registration. This year, our summer camps our open to children aged 3-6 from DVMS and the wider community, so please feel free to share with friends and family (and register before they fill up). Each Casa child will be bringing home a pamphlet and hard copy registration form that can be shared.
  • Hayden and Sloan at DVMS: Ready to get out and have a great time? We've got two incredible concerts coming to DVMS courtesy of DVMS Dad Brodie Schwendiman and The Casbah. Be sure to click the links for exciting details and ticket info, and get those babysitters booked:
    • On Thursday, April 7, Hayden is returning to DVMS. Last time Hayden played at the school there was a massive snowstorm and we still had a great turnout, and a great time.
    • On Saturday, May 7, Sloan will also be returning to DVMS. Many of you came out the last time Sloan played, and still talk about it. This will be a fun night!
  • Finally, as promised, lots of pics of your great kids having a great time in the snow this week: