Events and Info: Jan. 18 - 22 at Dundas Valley Montessori School

Update Jan15 2016 IntroThank you for taking the time to come in and chat with your children's Montessori guides this week. In striving to function as a community, it is important that we all see each other as partners in your children's educations. We love having the chance to sit down face-to-face to talk about your children with you. Remember, you don't have to wait for interviews if you want to discuss anything related to your child's education and time at DVMS; we are available for brief playground chats, and via email for correspondence or to schedule a time to talk.This week, we tried to capture some of the community spirit that abounds at DVMS by photographing the children in more inter-personal moments. Their days involve so much more than just the (very important) work they do with Montessori materials. Enjoy!

Parent Education Evening:

There is a parent education evening coming up in a couple of weeks:

  • Parent Education Evening on Wednesday, January 27, from 5:30-7:00.
    • The topic will be Language Education in Montessori. Many of you will remember that we covered math throughout each of the Montessori levels last year, when you had an opportunity to receive presentations with materials at each level from your children's Montessori guides. It was informative and a lot of fun (click for pics from last year). We will be doing the same thing for this Parent Education Evening with the Montessori language materials.
    • Childcare will be available from the fine folks at Strata Montessori Adolescent School. For $10/child, Strata students will feed and entertain your children at DVMS so that you can enjoy a stress-free evening of Montessori. Please sign up for childcare by Tuesday, Jan. 26, right here.

Elementary Activities:

Lower Elementary: Starting on January 8 and continuing until the first week of March, Lower Elementary students will be skating at Grightmire arena and doing Zumba at DVMS. (Jan. 15 will be a PD Day to accommodate winter term Parent-Teacher Interviews)

  • Lower Elementary North (Jodi/Carol):
    • will skate first: Jan. 8, 22, and 29.
    • will do Zumba at DVMS: Feb. 5, 19, and 26.
  • Lower Elementary South (Noeleen/Joanna):
    • will do Zumba at DVMS first: Jan. 8, 22, and 29.
    • will skate: Feb. 5, 19, 26.
  • Both classes will skate together on Friday, March 4.
  • When your child is skating, please ensure that their skates and helmet are in a bag that they can easily carry to and from the rink, and that skates are properly laced and easy for them to put on themselves. Please also note that the rink requires they wear a CSA approved helmet (look for the CSA sticker; they don’t deny kids with them, but they do frown and grumble a bit about children skating in bike helmets). A water bottle is great idea too. We can always use some extra hands to help get skates tied up, and parents are welcome to skate with us. Children will be at the rink by about 1:45 and will skate until 3:00.
  • When your child is participating in Zumba, please have them wear or bring appropriate clothing (same as for gymnastics). Thank you.

Upper Elementary: Upper students will begin travelling to and from Chicopee by school bus on Fridays to ski. They will ski on Jan. 8 (cancelled), 22, and 29 (DVMS is closed on Jan. 15 for Parent-Teacher interviews), and on Friday, March 11. If you know that your child will not be attending on any of the ski dates, please let us know as soon as possible as we have to notify the hill as to our numbers in advance. Thank you.

  • Friday, March 11, is the make-up ski day for the cancelled trip in January. As this is the last Friday before March Break, we want to invite any parents that might be available to come to Chicopee and ski with us — a bit of a family day.

But wait, there's more:

  • As you know, Catherine departed just before the holiday break to have her baby (see here and here for baby pics). Joanna Blackwell will be working with Noeleen and your children in Lower Elementary South for the duration of Catherine's maternity leave. Learn a little more Joanna with her staff bio.
  • As promised, some photos we managed to capture this past week of the DVMS Montessori children in some of their more inter-personal moments: