Events and Info: Nov. 16 - 20 at Dundas Valley Montessori School

Update Nov13 2015 IntroAs many of you know, Casa North's Shalyn is very much pregnant. Friday is her last day of work before she heads off on maternity leave. We're wishing Shalyn a quick delivery and a happy, healthy year off. We will let you know when there is an announcement to announce!Dawn Larsh, who you all know from the dismissal gate at the end of the day, will be moving into Casa North full time for the duration of Shalyn's leave. Dawn completed her Montessori Assistant training two years ago and will be a lovely, familiar presence for the children in Casa North.Update Nov13 2015 JustinYou may have seen a new face at the dismissal gate this week. Justin Metz will be taking over many of Dawn's roles at DVMS, including afterschool care. DVMS Elementary children know Justin from Luna, where he has led a number of adventures with them. Be sure to say "Hi" to Justin and to introduce yourselves.

 DVMS Parent Observations:

Parent Observations will take place during the first week of December. Please see below for details as observation scheduling is different for each level. (You can also check the calendar).

Casa: Casa Parent Observations will take place on the mornings of Wednesday (Dec. 2), Thursday (Dec. 3), and Friday (Dec. 4), and on the afternoons of Wednesday (Dec. 2) and Thursday (Dec. 3).

[Note: parents of children in the half-day programme may choose to observe the afternoon work cycle instead of observing your child during the morning cycle; to accommodate all of our parents, please choose to observe your child in the morning OR the afternoon work cycle, without your child].

Casa parents, please sign up here.

Lower Elementary: Lower Elementary Parent Observations will take place from 9:20-10:40 on the mornings of Monday (Nov. 30), Tuesday (Dec. 1), Wednesday (Dec. 2), and Thursday (Dec. 3).

Lower Elementary parents, please sign up here.

Upper Elementary: Both DVMS Upper Elementary Montessori environments will be open from 10:00-11:00 on both Wednesday (Dec. 2) and Thursday (Dec. 3) for Upper Elementary parents to drop in and spend some time with their children in their Montessori environments. Upper Elementary parents do not need to sign up.

(There are no observations in the Toddler Community).

Elementary Activities:

Please see the calendar for more details.

  • Lower Elementary South (Noeleen and Catherine): Lower South have begun swimming on Mondays and Fridays. The class is split into two groups with one group swimming on Mondays and the other group swimming on Fridays. Please ensure your child’s clothing and swimwear are easy for them to change in and out of, they have a bag that is easy for them to carry, and that any goggles are properly fitted. Lower South Parents: Please see the email you received from the Lower South guides to see which group your child is in.
  • Lower Elementary North (Jodi and Carol): Lower North began gymnastics at the Hamilton Gymnastics Academy on Friday, November 13, and will continue each Friday until November 27. Please ensure the children wear or bring appropriate clothing for gymnastics on those days. They are required to wear socks (no shoes or bare feet) in the gym. A water bottle is good to have too. Children are bused to and from the gym.
  • Upper Elementary (both classes): Began dance on Friday, November 13, and will continue each Friday until November 27 . Throughout November, DVMS Upper Elementary students will be busting moves with Hayley Paone of Ancaster’s iNhayle Dance Company. This activity will take place at DVMS. Please make sure they remember to bring or wear dance-appropriate clothing on dance days.

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  • You may have read about recent concerns regarding processed meats in the news. Our hot lunch provider, Food for Tots, has released a statement addressing the concerns -- they don't use processed meats: Food for Tots release.
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