Events and Info: Oct. 26 - 30 at Dundas Valley Montessori School got a new piano today. Huge thank you to our phenomenal music teacher Kate Quigley for finding the piano and arranging for DVMS to be its new home. Thank you Kate. As you can see in the video above, it didn't take long for it to receive some love.Thank you to all the DVMS parents who made it to our Parent Education Night this week. We had some great feedback:

This is the best curriculum night we've come to. You should do them like this all the time.

It was fantastic because I got to meet all the teachers and see what they know.

This was one of the most informative evenings. We walked away with a lot of information.

You always hear so many different things about Montessori. Now I'm starting to really understand what it is.

I always felt like I had my child in the right place, and now I know why.