Events and Info: Oct. 5 - 9 at Dundas Valley Montessori School

Update Intro Oct2 2015One month of school done and everyone is starting to feel comfortable, kinda. The comment above is from an Upper Elementary agenda. They use the weekend space to write a comment to share with their guides and parents.Next week is School Photo week; read on for details.

Photo Days Details:

  • Toddler and Casa children, AND their Elementary-level siblings, will have their pictures taken on Monday, October 5. Toddler and Casa class photos will be taken on Monday.
  • Elementary children who have NOT had their photos taken with Toddler and/or Casa siblings will have their photos taken on Tuesday, October 6. Elementary class photos will be taken on Tuesday.

So far the forecast is looking good (fingers crossed). DVMS school photos are taken on our natural playground by DVMS Montessori Mom and professional photographer Lindsay Palmer. Lindsay created the amazing time lapse video on the home page of Photo packages will be available for purchase.[gallery type="slideshow" link="none" size="large" ids="5149,5150,5151"]

Happy Thanksgiving:

  • Remember, DVMS is closed on Friday, October 9, and on Monday, October 12. Friday is a PD Day and DVMS staff will be upgrading their First Aid training all day. Monday is Thanksgiving Day. We hope you all have a great time with family and friends, and we expect leftover turkey and tofurkey sandwiches in lunchboxes on Tuesday.

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Elementary Activities:

Please see the calendar for more details.

  • Lower Elementary North (Jodi and Carol): begin swimming next week. The class will be split into two groups with one group swimming on Mondays and the other group swimming on Fridays. Lower North Parents: Please see the email you received from the Lower North guides to see which group your child is in. (There is no swimming on Friday, October 9 or on Monday, October 12).
  • Lower Elementary South (Noeleen and Catherine): begin gymnastics at the Hamilton Gymnastics Academy on Friday, October 16 (remember, Fri. Oct. 9 is a PD Day). Please ensure the children wear or bring appropriate clothing for gymnastics on those days. They are required to wear socks (no shoes or bare feet) in the gym. A water bottle is good to have too. Children are bused to and from the gym.
  • Upper Elementary (both classes)DVMS Upper Elementary students will be playing soccer at Soccerworld in Hamilton starting Friday, October 16. They will be bused to and from Soccerworld where they will be learning and practising basic soccer skills, playing scrimmage games, and concluding with a 'tournament'.
  • Wednesday, October 7: All Elementary Students Cross Country: Every year, Fairview Glen Montessori School in Burlington organizes this great cross-country running event for Montessori schools in the area. Besides DVMS, Fairview Glen and Dearcroft Montessori schools will be there. All DVMS elementary children are bused to LaSalle Park in Burlington where they will set off in age-specific groups to run one of a number of marked cross-country courses. Children should bring a packed lunch and a water bottle, and have weather-appropriate outdoor running gear. They will enjoy a picnic lunch with Montessori elementary students from other Montessori schools, and have some time to play. Parents are welcome to attend to view or to volunteer as guides along the course routes, if needed.

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But wait, there's more:

  • The DVMS email notification system is up and running and those who signed up should have started receiving email notifications for the events on our calendar. If you would like to receive them too, please sign up for DVMS email notifications.

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  • Thank you for supporting the student run bake sale this past week. There was also a Basketball tournament. Both events are part of the students' charitable initiatives with the monies raised going to charities. There will be more bake sales to come if you missed out, and next week DVMS Upper Elementary students will be accepting donations:

Hello DVMS parents, we are planning a clothes, toys, books, shoes, stationary, etc. donation drive. It will be held between October 5-13th, in the DVMS gym. It will be open between 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. each day. There will be boxes set up, one for each item. All donations will be sent to Good Shepherd. This is a homeless charity in Hamilton. Good Shepherd will be donating the things to people who are less fortunate. We can take adult and children donations. We hope you can help give to the homeless. If you have any further questions contact the office for more information. Thanks for donating! Caelin, Madeleine, Claire, Cayleigh, and Beckett.

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  • A quick request regarding early pick-ups of children. If you know you need to pick up your child early from school, please let us know in the morning so we can notify your child's guides. Montessori education is based around two very important work cycles and the afternoon cycle ends with community responsibilities that every student participates in. We know that things come up every now and then, and that's fine, but please try to allow your children, and their peers, to take full advantage of the effectiveness of Montessori by minimizing early pick up times. Thank you for understanding.
  • We have a few Elementary Yearbooks remaining from last year. The yearbooks were edited and published by Upper Elementary children using software created by one of our parents. If your family would like one, they are available in the office for $25.

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  • The weather is getting less and less summer-like every day. Booooooo! Please keep an eye on the forecast and make sure your children are coming to school each day with weather appropriate clothing. We get outside for recess every day unless it is pouring rain or there are cold weather alert conditions.
  • Finally, enjoy this great video of the Strata Montessori Adolescent School kids cleaning up their little piece of paradise. (You can see the space for yourselves if you come to the DVMS Parent Dinner on Saturday, October 24. This week's promised details to come next week ;) )